Potential Real Estate Investors No Longer Need to Invest Their Time

February 10, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Payallup, WA. —There are many busy professionals who know there is money to be made in real estate, but they lack the time to learn the methods and then do all the work that is needed to succeed.

Jason Sant has created a business that steps in and takes care of all the time-consuming tasks to enable the average person to invest in real estate without giving the most precious commodity of all—their time.

Earning higher returns on investments is the goal of many investors, and some are turning to a unique niche market in real estate through the help of a unique program.

Sant is a real estate agent with Keller Williams who does all the work so an investor does not need to invest time to be successful in real estate.

“Simplicity, that is what we offer. We are experts at seller financing through lease options. We put our expertise to work for the client by procuring the property and the tenant for their property. We then assist the client in the management of the property.” explained Sant.

Business success comes through finding a need and filling it. Sant evaluated the real estate market and discovered that there are potential buyers who could not qualify for traditional financing. He also found that there are many potential investors who are intimidated by their lack of experience but know the rewards of real estate investing are high.

Sant designed a system that takes care of the needs of both, with all parties coming out a winner. This specialized service brings many benefits to investors.

“We obtain the property for our investor, and then do all the work of getting a qualified tenant through our lease to own program. The way we do this results in higher rents than traditional rentals, putting more money in the investor’s pocket each month. It also brings a higher sales price for the home when the tenant is able to buy in the future, and because it is a lease option the tenant handles virtually all maintenance,” said Sant.

His business model is not one-sided. Tenants and potential home buyers come out ahead as well.

“We regularly help people with poor credit find both the home they need and the credit repair assistance necessary to finance the purchase in the future. We have investors and a rent to own program, both of which can help you purchase a home and rebuild your credit. If someone can afford a house payment and has some money for a down payment, but just needs help qualifying for the mortgage, we can help. We have homes that are ready to move into through our lease to own program,” said Sant.

Sant’s company, American Home Buyers Network, LLC, has found success by catering to a niche market that others avoid. He brings all parties together and makes the process a simple one for them because he does all the work. He maintains a web site at http://www.sellerfinancehomes.com.

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