LATO Boutique Hotel Certificated for its Quality Policy

February 11, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
H.A.C.C.P. (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is internationally recognized and recommended and used for the identification and management of risks associated with the manufacture, distribution and use of food ingredients. HACCP is applied across all LATO Boutique Hotel's activities involving food and beverages and is developed and reviewed in accordance with the requirements of legislation. The main aim is to safeguard the health of the guests, while the work of the hotel staff is facilitated. Frequent controls and measurements take place on an hourly basis under the aegis of the System and various regulations are
applied on daily basis in order to guarantee the quality and safety of food and drinks.

Quality Management System is a system to control an organization with regard to quality; a combination of resources and means with which quality is realized. LATO Boutique Hotel's management is introducing an avant-garde formula for applying Quality Standards at the departments of Front Office, Reservations, Housekeeping and Catering.

The main objectives of LATO Boutique Hotel are to maintain high quality hospitality services, to firm adherence in HACCP principles & regulations, the total satisfaction of expressed or implied guest needs and
the continuous improvement of the hotel's food & beverage quality and safety monitoring activities.

For the achievement of the above the management of LATO Boutique Hotel implements procedures for identifying guest needs and related regulatory requirements, which are accomplished by setting in place measurable and objective goals and by taking appropriate action towards attaining these goals.

The owning company of LATO Boutique Hotel, M. & E. KARATARAKI S.A., guarantees the provision of all necessary resources for the accomplishment of its objectives. In addition it guarantees the continuous
improvement of the Quality Control System through the employment of activities that support an objective
goal-accomplishment monitoring procedure and the elimination of any cause that hinder this purpose.

On a regular basis the management of LATO Boutique Hotel reflects upon the appropriateness of the above objectives and proceeds in any necessary adjustments.

LATO Boutique Hotel, has a capacity of 53 rooms and 5 suites, first operated in 1978, went through three major renovations from 1994 to 2002, when it was finally expanded. Operating all year round, LATO features unique qualities fulfilling the needs of both the guests traveling for leisure and business. The property is located in one of the finest quarters of the old city of Heraklion at the Crete Island, offering guests the opportunity to relax and enjoy the unique view to the Venetian Fortress at the old port of the city.

TUV Austria Hellas is operating in Greece since 1994, being a subsidiary company of TUV Austria. TUV Austria was founded in 1872 as a non-profitable company, and is a member of World Wide Association of Certifications TUV-CERT. TUV Austria Hellas, developing the knowledge and the scientific support of the
international network of TUV Austria Group, has today a leading place in Greece in Inspections and
Certifications of Management Systems, Lifts, Machinery, Equipment, Industrial facilities. Especially in
Management Systems, TUV Austria Hellas has certificated more than 1250 companies in Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Italy and Turkey.

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