Physicians Invented Aural+, Intended To Improve Hearing

June 04, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
June 4, 2018 - American company, based in Boston, Massachusetts, announced their first product - Aural+. The product is designed in form of powder, packed in 7 sachets. Aural+ is intended to restore hearing without surgery and provide a natural cleaning of the ear canal from secretions.

According to the statistics, hearing loss affects 360 million people worldwide, and 32 million of them are children. When the condition involves inner ear cell death, deafness is irreversible. In this case, the therapeutic strategies for hearing loss include hearing aids and implantable devices, but not all patients can benefit from them. But when hearing reduction is caused by aging, trauma, or temporary illness, it can be treated easier. In such cases, supplements as Aural+ could be a good solution.

The active ingredient in Aural+ composition is Maltodextrin, which fills the body with glucose and gives energy. Maltodextrin also has a beneficial effect on the body and lowers cholesterol levels. A complex of 39 herbal extracts are also part of product's composition. Herbs are specially selected to relieve pain and inflammation, to aid in recovery of the hearing apparatus,and fight chronic bacterial ear infections. In addition, Aural+ formula is enriched with B group vitamins (help maintain normal hearing, help strengthen the walls of blood vessels, and improve metabolic processes in cells of the ear) and Vitamin C (creates normal blood circulation within the ear, participates in the process of cartilage formation and their regeneration in case of damage).

Manufacturer has already released Aural+ on the Asian online market. Within short period of time the product will be available worldwide.

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