A Romance Lovers Fantasy Featuring The Longest Love Seen Written In The History Of Literature

June 05, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
The Fallows Hike Across America

Irwin, PA. June 2, 2018 "I Pray that this book will inspire us all to form a relationship of love to our world… for the greatest invention that this world could ever discover is love and harmony for all nations to gather together to save our precious earth before we lose the chance," expresses author Aaron Ross in his newly released book. The Fallows, a powerful display of his literary prowess, presents a heartrending love story in a form of a living love story, the longest American epic love poem ever written in the history of literature, one that features what the author declares to be the longest love scene that has ever been written in the history of literature throughout the nations of the world.

In The Fallows, one man goes on a quest to find his lost love facing not only the gods themselves but also humanity and the forces of nature. In a spiritual adventure the man inspires not only the gods but also the people of the earth to save the world from global warming, war, famine, disease, and abuse. Together the gods and mankind join hands to call forth the evils of the world back into Pandora's Box, which was once released into the world by the mighty Zeus because Prometheus stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to man.

Aaron Ross will be hiking across the United States of America beginning September 11th from New York City to Los Angeles California carrying a United States flag and a Peace Flag to add more inspiration to the words of the poem The Fallows to its readers. Embedded in the poem itself are allegorical pieces to his hike across the United States of America that will add more inspiration to the poem. Aaron Ross will hike across the United States for love to inspire the nations and the people of the world to gather for love to save the earth from global warming, famine, disease, poverty, and abuse.

Aaron Ross filled a jar of water with the sunrise in the New York City by the Statue of Liberty and will carry this ocean water across the United States to be poured in the Pacific Ocean in Los Angeles in California with the sunset. The jar of water poetically represents the hope that still lies in the hearts of mankind. The hike has taken 7 years just as the seven parts of The Fallows bringing The Fallows to life forever before the univers. The 2,679 miles turns The Fallows into a living love story transforming the readers of The Fallows into the characters of the book by inspiring lovers to come together to heal the world from global warming, the energy crisis, terrorism, disease, famine, poverty, human trafficking, racism, and domestic abuse. Readers will follow an eye-opening journey into the human self, the many facets of love, the pains of humanity's past, and the ills of society. While it is set in a fictional realm, The Fallows presents a tale that tells so much about today's world.

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