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June 15, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
June 15, 2018 - Probemas, the one-stop shop for all Runescape gold related needs, today published a new article on "How to Buy Gold for 2007 RS".

The classic version of Runescape Old School Runescape or 2007 Runescape has a larger player-base and a more significant success than Runescape 3. Due to its higher sentimental value, real and pure roots along with a loyal player and fan-base, Runescape 2007 defines what's fun gaming all about. One of the best ways to jump straight to the fun is by buying some Old School Runescape gold, but how to do it and where to do it? Read this article and find out!

First of all, you need to know who exactly will you make this purchase from and trust the seller. So, step 1 is to find a trusty supplier. To separate a trustworthy supplier, you either have to know them (the only way is to have previously purchased from them) or use some analytics to find out their reputation. The analytics is not so tough, read about possible scams on Google and try to find reviews on other popular media. If they're good you're almost set.

Step 2 is to know whether the prices are reasonable. 2007 Runescape gold is a product with limited yet unpredictable supply so prices could change at any moment. Usually, sketchy sites do not display pricings while transparent providers show as much as the customer wants to see.

Moving on to step 3 you have to select an appropriate payment method. It has to be accessible and available to you along with being safe and secure. How to separate which way you should choose? Read this guide it's incredible and displays the pros and cons of each method along with giving helpful tips to the reader.

Step 4 is to carry out the payment and receive instructions on how the delivery is going to happen. Good services have 24/7 uptime and will provide the gold within minutes or do their best to keep you updated if they are out of stock (rarely happens).
Step 5 meet the trader in-game (NEVER GIVE YOUR FULL ACCOUNT INFO). The only thing that sellers should know is your username, so they will know who to trade.

But these tips are pointless without a real example. Let's take a service which sells 07 RS gold Probemas to show you how it's done. This seller ticks all of the reputation boxes daringly indicates feedback and gives links to their social media accounts with tons of feedback so we can proceed without any additional investigation.

1. Go to their website
a. The prices and shortened order forms are on the homepage. You can see the prices per million for both OSRS and RS3.
b. If needed, you can change the currency on the top part of your screen
2. Enter the amount of gold you need, your username in 07 Runescape and email, and you're ready to proceed.
3. In the confirmation page, look once again at your order to make sure that the info is correct.
a. Enter a discount code (if you have one)
b. Select the preferred payment method (10 available)
4. Confirm, and you will be redirected to a safe payment authorisation tab where you will need to enter the payment details. Once that goes through, you can advance.
5. Contact the live chat with your order number, and arrange a meeting in the OSRS world.
6. Meet the seller, get your gold

We hope this article helps you get your gold safely and worry-free!

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