New All Terrain Paintball Vest

February 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Real Action Paintball (online is proud to introduce even more colors and accessories to the popular RAP4 line of Tactical Paintball Vest. The vest is designed with all the pouches in the front so that they are fully accessible at all times. This design follows the basic principle of "real" battle vests, where all the magazine pouches are in the front and can be reached in a split second. This design has been battle proven to help the operator swiftly execute a reload in extreme situations and under intense conditions.
Images of the Paintball Vest

With these new colors being added to the Tactical Paintball Vest line, each operator can now better than ever choose the right color vest for their battle terrain. From black to drab, woodland camo to desert camo or even digital camo, RAP4's popular Tactical Paintball Vest now has the color and camo to meet the tactical requirements of the job.

The enhancements do not end with the added color choices, though. The latest accessory addition is the large version of the cross draw holster. The large cross draw holster is compatible with all .68 caliber Pistols including the Ariakon, T68, Combat Pistol, PT Extreme, and all such big arms. This is the long awaited, must-have item for paintball operators implementing a pistol as part of their tactical outfit.

A full range of accessories are now also available for the vest, allowing each operator to customize a configuration that matches their style and requirement. For those the also play Air Soft, the vest can also be configured to work with M4/M16/AK47/MP5 magazines.

Key Features:
1. Comes with 2 Sling Harnesses that can be configured for both left and right hand user. Helps reduce the load of your weapon during operation.
- Hooks onto Tactical Vest with shoulder ring.
- Easy to use
- Quick Release
- Ambidextrous operation
2. Radio Pocket which allows you to easily communicate with your teammates.
3. Pockets that can hold your miscellaneous items such as squeegees, barrel plugs, and snacks.
4. Attach any Velcro patch here to show off your team.
5. Large Pistol Holster lets you quickly draw your pistol in a combat situation.
6. Small Pistol Holster perfectly angled to quickly draw your pistol.
7. Interchangeable MP5 Magazine Pouch.
8. Interchangeable AR15/M16/AK47 Magazine Pouch.
9. 2 Pod Pouch which holds either 100-round pods or 140-round pods.
10. 12g CO2 Pouch, lets you hold up to five 12g disposable CO2 tanks.

More features and information can be found at:

You play hard and train hard, and your gear should keep up. The RAP4 Tactical Paintball Vest?s quality design and sturdy construction ensure that this is one piece of gear that won?t let you down in the field. Now, with all of these enhancements and accessories available, all that is left is for you to decide which configuration suits you best.

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