AminoFitin Powder Promotes Fast Weight Loss And Muscle Growth

June 23, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
USA based company recently designed a natural performance enhancing supplement called AminoFitin. The product is intended to facilitate consumer achieve a healthy weight, and to enhance his vigor, thus helping him build a good looking body. AminoFitin powder can be used by athletes and anyone whose priority is staying physically active.

AminoFitin powder is formulated with whey protein and brown seaweed extract, both well known with their benefits for human's health.

Brown seaweed is a salty sea vegetable, very popular and used in the Asian cuisine. The plant is packed with nutrients, and moreover - it is an excellent source of essential minerals including iron and iodine. Brown seaweed also provides vitamins as vitamin B2, B9 and B12. As an ingredient in AminoFitin, brown seaweed speeds up metabolism, thus promoting weight reduction.

Whey protein is a blend of proteins isolated from whey (the liquid part of milk, separated during cheese production). This is a type of protein proven to have numerous benefits for muscle mass, fat loss, as well as for the overall health. Being part of AminoFitin, whey protein promotes muscle growth and prevents fat re-formation.

At the time being AminoFitin powder is available in Asia and some African countries including Kenya and Senegal.

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