Robert Waxman Offers Unique Program - Kabbalah Lessons By Phone

February 10, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Sarasota, FL February 9, 2006 – Robert Waxman, the best-selling author on Kabbalah, announced today a personalized new educational tool – Kabbalah Lessons By Phone. These phone conversations aim to give students a personalized experience and introduce them to the fundamental propositions of ancient Kabbalah. This one-on-one teaching method encourages students to ask specific questions about Kabbalah, which helps them to understand its timeless wisdom. These conversations give each student the opportunity to concentrate on their specific areas of interest while learning the most important teachings.

“People all over the world who are truly interested in learning about Kabbalah” said Robert Waxman. “I came up with this method because of time commitments which made it impossible to travel and teach at the same time. I also wanted a way to tailor the curriculum to meet the individual goals of each new Kabbalah student. What is special about Kabbalah is that each person benefits from its teachings according to their own unique needs and life experiences.”

The Lessons By Phone program is suitable for beginners and also advanced students. The series of conversations will provide an understanding of the essence of Kabbalah, what it is, what it does and how it works. Each student will learn Kabbalah according to the great scholars, which will lead them to an understanding of the divine beauty of Kabbalistic truths. “Eventually, each student will find their natural path to living a more meaningful, compassionate and selfless lifestyle” said Waxman.

Kabbalah students from around the country are embracing Robert Waxman's fresh and stimulating approach to Kabbalah. His teaching programs are extremely interactive and enable participants to understand the fundamental concepts quickly. The principal goal is to provide an understanding of the symbols, secrets, metaphors, allegories and esoteric mysteries in philosophy and religion. Additionally, participants are instructed how to decipher the universal truths embedded in the traditional Books of The Bible. Practical application is also stressed, and each student is encouraged to use Kabbalistic wisdom in their everyday lives.

Robert Waxman’s best selling book “Kabbalah Simply Stated” is available for sale in 12 countries. The primary goal of his teaching is to provide avenues for soul-healing, life-balancing and spiritual awakening. Thousands have enthusiastically embraced Robert Waxman’s unique approach to teaching Kabbalah in classes, lectures, seminars and workshops.

About Robert Waxman:
Robert Waxman is a writer and educator of Kabbalah. He is the author of the best-selling book, "Kabbalah Simply Stated." He is a founding member of "The Kabbalah Education Network" and teaches at The Education Center and The Open Center in Sarasota, Florida. For additional information, please contact Robert Waxman at 941-724-5151 or visit his websites at and There is a listing of popular links to Robert Waxman sites at and To schedule TV or radio interviews, please contact Rosemary Yokoi at Paragon House Books – 1-800-447-3709.