RentVest Property Management Opens New Office in Portland, Oregon

July 16, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
PORTLAND, Oregon, July 16, 2018 - RentVest Property Management, headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, has launched its twelfth U.S. office in Portland, Oregon. The full-service real estate company's latest office opening, keeping in step with the company's dynamic plan to establish 10,000 accounts nationwide by 2020.

Jennifer Stone, Portfolio Manager at RentVest Portland, will manage the office's operations. Stone, a licensed real estate broker in Washington, has been working in sales and property management since 2000. Prior to joining the RentVest team, she managed a large residential portfolio in her hometown, Seattle. Stone says she is looking forward to the opportunity to build a robust portfolio in Oregon.

"I love helping people maximize their investment properties and take great care and consideration when making decisions for my owners," Stone says.

RentVest accommodates both buyers and sellers in order to efficiently and effectively service every clients' needs and real estate goals.

RentVest's rapid expansion is keeping pace with increasing demand for affordable, innovative, and customer-centric property management services in active markets across the U.S.

According to Stone, RentVest Portland provides a great opportunity to offer the company's innovative, technology-driven property management and real estate services to Oregon's largest city and the surrounding region.

Since launching the company's first office in Mesa, Arizona in 2016, RentVest has expanded its presence to Phoenix, Tucson, Reno, Las Vegas, Dallas, San Antonio, Atlanta, Hawaii, Houston, Denver, Vancouver, and now Portland with plans to continue developing new offices in at least six additional U.S. markets by 2020.

RentVest's aggressive expansion plan answers the increasing demand for affordable, comprehensive, customer-centric property management services in active markets.

Founded and launched by Gentry Real Estate Group principals Spencer Caldwell, Jacob Ash, and Benton Cotter, RentVest is a full-service property management firm specializing in high-performance property and tenant management services to meet a growing need for property management solutions that outrival outdated industry practices. RentVest leverages innovative technology and exceptional customer service practices to provide a worry-free experience for property owners.

RentVest Portland charges a flat rate management fee rather than the percentage-based fee structure than other property management companies apply. This flat-rate fee allows property owners to escape cancellation and other "junk" fees that chip away at profits. RentVest's experienced staff has a proven track record of minimizing vacancy rates and maximizing rental income streams for property owners.

Established in 2007, Gentry Real Estate Group is a premier buyer of auction homes in Arizona-pioneered the development of auction-based home acquisitions for investors. Gentry has purchased thousands of homes at auction during the past 11 years and has sold billions in the real estate market.

By leveraging the Gentry team's 11 years of experience in home auction sales and property management, RentVest's ground-breaking group of professionals were able to develop a business strategy emphasizing personal, one-on-one consultation and assistance to clients concerning their real estate investments. By driving revenue from multiple client sources not utilized by competitors, RentVest has disrupted conventional property management models with a synergistic approach that incorporates training, education, and leadership in an ever-changing enterprise environment.

The company's focus on positive communications and teamwork is as critical to its success as the comprehensive management services it provides.

RentVest Portland is located at 1455 NW Irving Street Suite 200, Portland, Oregon 97209.

For more information, phone, 503.825.8877, visit the RentVest website, or email

About RentVest:
Launched in June 2016 by Gentry Real Estate Group founders Spencer Caldwell, Jacob Ash, and Benton Cotter, RentVest has already established itself as a market leader in the property management industry. With offices in eight U.S. markets, RentVest harnesses state-of-the-art technology and unprecedented customer service to manage high-quality rental properties for busy property owners.<br />

In 2016 and 2017, RentVest was named to Inc. 5000, Inc. Media's annual list of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S.

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