Greenrope Adds In Depth Insight Into The History Of Your Conversions

July 21, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
SOLANA BEACH, CA July 21, 2018 - GreenRope, a Complete CRM and Marketing Automation platform, makes it easier for small and mid-sized businesses to gain access to valuable insights about their company's performance overtime. The already robust system enhanced its reporting tools by adding an in-depth funnel analysis, offering insight into all of your conversions over specific time periods, broken down by demographic data, campaigns and more. This reporting gives you granular insight into how your sales and marketing strategies perform week-over-week or month-over-month, for example. Now, these smaller businesses have attainable resources to help them review and deploy more effective strategies.

"The more you know, the better you can execute strategies that positively affect your sales funnel," says COO, Bjorn DeBoer. "The ability to view a detailed history of your conversions overtime isolated by demographic data, campaign IDs among other filters, lets a company gain valuable insight into what really moves the needle and affects the bottom line. Previously, these in-depth analytics were often too expensive for the SMB market to access."

Before this reporting enhancement, the original funnel chart was nice when you looked at a specific range, but it was almost impossible to tell if you're doing a better or worse job over time of converting. The only way was to select different ranges and either write down or remember what the conversion rates were. It wasn't practical.

Now, the Time Funnel Analysis is based off of specific date ranges that you select and shows you this history of that conversion code in 12 equivalent date ranges that you selected. This means if you select a one week span (the default), it will do a comparison of performance over the past 12 weeks. If you choose a one month span, it will do a monthly comparison over the past year. Now, you'll see the history month-over-month (or week-over-week) of your lead generation and conversion rates.

These charts show:
  • Conversation rates
  • Conversion values & average conversion values

  • You can break each chart down by:
  • Campaign IDs
  • Demographics
  • Conversion codes

  • "At the end of the day, GreenRope aims to make businesses more effective by using data-driven strategies to help form their sales, marketing and customer service efforts," explains PR Rep, Alessandra Gyben. "GreenRope gives small and mid-sized business access to advanced data, that would otherwise typically cost an arm and a leg, which will positively change the way they do business forever."


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