VVKB Begins to Supply Parking Heaters and Engine Heater to Truck Companies in Bulk

July 22, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Victor Industries Ltd. (VVKB), today begins to supply companies in the automotive industries with both parking heaters and engine heaters. From now on, VVKB will supply diesel truck heater, semi-truck heater, truck camper heater, and truck block heaters to truck companies in bulk.

The new generation of VVKB parking heating systems features an upgraded control system and design. They reduce engine strain and low fuel consumption during cold startups.

"At VVKB, we understand truck companies want heaters that guarantee rapid warming and are easy to install, with compact design, that's what you will get," said Mr. Eric Zhang, the VVKB CEO. "With the new generation of VVKB parking heaters and engine heaters, we want to solve all your heating problems in cold weather."

Among the main parking heaters that VVKB will supply in bulk to truck companies include:

VVKB Bunk Heater; it is an air parking heater, also called a truck cabin heater or diesel heater, that warms the truck before starting the engine.

The parking heater ensures low fuel consumption of 0.14 to 0.25 l/hr.

It fully atomizes diesel for rapid heating, while ensuring quiet operation with an automatic safety diagnostics. The parking heater is made from a high-grade material that is fireproof, non-toxic and impact resistant.

With the LCD screen, it's easier to configure and control the parking heater parameters. Also, available is an optional remote control with a working range of 30 to 50 meters for switching ON/OFF parking heater.

VVKB Portable Parking Heater; it is an auxiliary parking heater with all components fully assembled in one kit. The portable parking heater is compatible with a range of voltages, from DC12V/DC24V to AC110V/AC230V with 36V, 48V and 96V options available.

Moreover, it comes with a USB interface for connecting other electronic devices.

VVKB Engine Heater; is an engine block heater or engine coolant heater that rapidly warms up the engine during cold weather.

The unique performance of the engine heater guarantees quick starting of the engine. It reduces possible engine wear due to cold starting, exhaust pollution, and fuel consumption.

Its in-built pump increases heating efficiency, with a robust control system that stops heater at 65℃ and starts at 45℃. Depending on the design, the working voltage varies between AC110V-AC240V.

Both the parking heater and engine heaters come in different designs, for specific applications in the truck industry.
About VVKB

Founded in the U.S., Victor Industries Ltd. (VVKB) has grown to be a global leader in designing, manufacturing and assembling parking heaters, engine heaters, and fuel heaters. These are RoHS, CE, and FCC compliant heaters that guarantee efficient and consistent heating.

Among the main products by Victor Industries Ltd. Include Apollo series parking heaters, Titan series engine heaters, and Zeus series fuel heaters.

Contact info:
Name: Mr. Eric Zhang
Company: Victor Industries Ltd. (VVKB)
Address: 16192, Coastal Hwy, Lewes, DE, 19958, USA
Phone: +1 (678) 866-1888
Email: info@vvkb.com
Website: https://www.vvkb.com/

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