Governance, Adaptive Access, and Mobility in focus for Fischer's Identity 7 Release

July 30, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
July 30, 2018 Fischer International Identity today announced Version 7.0 of their Identity Governance and Administration software solution.

Fischer International Identity, the leading provider of identity governance and administration cloud services and on-premises software, has once again demonstrated its ability to release product fixes and enhancements rapidly, with a focus on meeting and exceeding our customer's needs. Our adoption of continuous integration allows us to better service our customer's evolving IAM Program requirements as well as continue to innovate in a rapidly changing Identity marketspace.

From enhancing the end user experience for our single sign on customers, to introducing governance and compliance enhancements, as well as expanding our security offerings that help organizations maintain continuous security in a time and place where it is absolutely necessary to do so, the entire Fischer Identity Team is pleased to announce the release of Fischer Identity Version 7.0.

"We take our responsibility in the IGA solution market very seriously. It is imperative we provide an IGA solution that addresses the demands of organizations allowing for control of their identity infrastructure and insuring user security as interaction with multiple devices and information sources continues to magnify", stated Andrew Sroka, CEO and President Fischer International Identity.

Fischer's Identity 7.0 release has introduced responsiveness to our self-service user interfaces. End users are now able to perform multiple tasks from their mobile device. We understand mobility is more than the trend, it's the way of life for most end users in today's market and Fischer has responded in kind by enhancing our end user experience. Users are now provided an end to end mobile experience while onboarding for the first time as well as future events where they need to reset their password or retrieve their forgotten username. Approval authorities will also be able to work within a mobile friendly interface and authorize access requests conveniently, further streamlining business processes. Our responsive interface also extends to native authentication for end users providing them with an ubiquitous, mobile authentication experience enabling them to access tasks on demand from their smartphones.

Identity 7 further enhances our multi-factor authentication features. We've included the Identity Claiming process. This empowers organizations to force users through a multi-factor authentication workflow for the initial Identity verification process before they are able to access your organization. We've also provided a feature to flag the 2nd factor as "optional" until the user has registered their device. We understand the importance of 2FA however we also pay attention to end users and how and when they access Fischer will vary greatly and is often times situational.

By enhancing our ability to qualify users allowing your IGA administrators to filter which users are able to authenticate with the 2nd factor optional and which users are required to register their decide before they are able to authenticate. This approach to 2fa creates the collaboration and dynamic feature-set necessary to manage your mobile Identities to meet your usability and security demands simultaneously.

Fischer has also added the ability for end users to manage their mobile devices while staying security conscious by providing administrative controls to lock down which users will be able to manage their devices and which users cannot. Service Desk functionality has also been built into our mobile management feature-set and empowers service desk users to manage devices on-behalf-of end users.

Identity 7 also introduces enhanced functionality of our Password Enforcement feature. Fischer's password enforcement is a powerful feature enabling IGA administrators to control all aspects of managing the security and functional aspects of password management. Keeping passwords synchronized is an absolute necessity within an organization's authentication ecosystem. Many applications are behind on full-scale single sign protocol support and often organizations are forced to keep a native account presence within their applications in situations where SSO is not supported, or if the SSO solution were to ever go offline, end users would be able to directly access [cloud] applications with the same password, maintaining access continuity. Fischer's password enforcement and synchronization enhancement empowers administrators to configure their Fischer solution to keep passwords in synch by offering a serialized approach to maintaining the same password. If the primary authentication store fails to reset the password, IGA admins can now systematically stop the synch process for all other systems to ensure the user's password stays in synch.

This is yet another powerful release from Fischer Identity, providing you the control your organization needs to implement, administrate and govern your IGA Program.

Key enhancements include:
  • Responsive End User Interface(s)
  • Fischer Credential Provider (integrated with Microsoft's domain login process)
  • Enhanced Contractor Management Capabilities
  • Mobile Device Management Capabilities
  • Enhanced Password Governance Capabilities
  • Expanded Office 365 Integration
  • Enhanced Multi-Factor Authentication support for Duo and Fischer's native Authenticator

  • Visit to learn more about Fischer Identity's Version 7.0. Additionally, visit with the Fischer Identity team at the upcoming Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando, EDUCAUSE Annual Conference and Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit.

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