Adventure Park at Nashville Salutes Teachers – Demonstrates Educational Value of Park

August 06, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
The Adventure Park at Nashville saluted teachers and educators from July 27 31, 2018 as it hosted its "Teacher Appreciation Days." On those days teachers and school administrators were invited to try The Adventure Park for a free "climb" as the Park refers to the experience of navigating its courses through the treetops.

Promoted on the Park's Facebook page during the five days it was offered, over 80 local educators opted for the special code that enabled them to reserve a free climbing ticket on The Adventure Park's website.

"We wanted to show support for our educators. They are such an important part of our community," said Park Manager, Lynda Kelly, adding, "We also know that when educators experience The Adventure Park for themselves they immediately see its potential for school field trips. Climbing at our Park supports problem-solving skills, collaborative skills, self-confidence and physical fitness. Not to mention, it's fun! The Park is perfect for school groups because it is totally inclusive; we have multiple courses to choose from to suit different ages and abilities, from age seven on up. Non-climbing family and friends are admitted free as well to share the experience."

The Adventure Park at Nashville opened for business in early June 2018 and is becoming an adventure destination for locals and Nashville visitors alike. It is the largest facility of its kind in the Nashville area.

- About The Adventure Park -

The Adventure Park features a special combination experience of zip lines mixed with challenge bridges between the trees that keeps people coming back for more. The Park's friendly staff is available to answer questions and assist from the moment customers arrive to the moment they conclude their climb and return home with satisfied "I did it!" smiles.

The Adventure Park is not one single aerial treetop trail but a variety of different, color-coded aerial trails of differing challenge levels—beginner through expert—that climbers choose from depending on their age or climbing experience. There are trails suitable for kids, teens, adults and groups. These trails consist of platforms installed in the trees and connected by various configurations of cable, wood and rope to form "crossings" of different kinds including the ever-popular zip lines. Climbers wear harnesses which are doubly secured to safety cables using the Park's "always locked on" system of interlocking safety clips. Before venturing onto the trails climbers receive an interactive orientation and practice session.

The Adventure Park at Nashville is designed, built and operated by Outdoor Ventures. See hours and prices here. For further details and updates please visit , email or call (615) 610 9500.

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