Discover Local Independent Music Artists With The New App, WaveStation – Available Now

September 25, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
While the internet has made it easy to distribute recorded music anywhere in the world, for local artists and podcasters, their work can be lost in the overwhelming world wide web. Now, a new app called WaveStation seeks to change that by creating a dedicated platform exclusively for local musicians.

Users are able to use their device's location services, or zoom into a particular geographic area, to discover the great local musicians working in that area. Users may then stream songs, purchase downloads and show tickets, or just send a donation straight to the band using the in-app currency called "WaveTokens." WaveStation is available in iOS for the iPhone and iPad on the App Store.

For musicians, WaveStation offers a number of great ways to boost exposure in their local community, increase attendance at events, and generate independent revenue. Talented artists will gain exposure through a city ranking map that displays their home base and also any events happening near by. Additionally the genre page features over 18 worldwide genres that promote the top creators in each city. For the first time in app history, artists are now able to directly receive donations from fans and also be discovered based on location utilizing an interactive map.

Most impressive, WaveStation's creators are planning to pay the artists 3x more per stream than their competitors (Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Google Music) for highly-influential music creators.

"WaveStation's creation was inspired by the Hip-Hop culture of the early 1980's in Uptown New York where artists displayed their musical talent in their community's social gatherings," said WaveStation developer Emiliano Avalos. "As a result, they were well recognized and looked up to in the neighborhood. Similarly, WaveStation serves as the foundation for the untapped talented artists in our communities for the world to appreciate and discover."

Start supporting local music today! Download WaveStation exclusively on the App Store, or visit the website -

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