Licensed Therapist Joyce D. Scherdin Incorporates Christian Values Into Her Work Counseling Individuals, Couples & Families

September 25, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Sept. 27, 2018. Louisville, KY. Licensed therapist Joyce D. Scherdin has been offering counseling services to Louisville-area clients for several years and she doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. Scherdin is based in Louisville, KY and offers a wide variety of counseling services to individuals, couples, and those looking for faith-based counseling. She specializes in helping treat individuals suffering from anxiety and depression and is also available to couples who are suffering from relationship issues. A Licensed Marriage and Family therapist with a Master's of Science in Counseling, Joyce's credentials could speak for themselves; however, she stresses that the most important thing her clients know about her is that she "love, love, love[s] being a therapist."

Joyce's approach to therapy is wholehearted and considerate of all aspects of health. She does not just focus on the mind like some therapists but instead focuses on the mind, body, and spirit when working with her clients. If you are searching for an experienced counselor in the Louisville, Kentucky area whose practice is rooted in Christian values, look no further than Joyce D. Scherdin Counseling.

Joyce highlights her history with Christianity and where her faith stands on her website. The Church has been a part of her entire life and through that exposure, she has come to understand that living as a Christian isn't so much about being religious as it is having a healthy relationship with God. Through her counseling practice, Joyce assists clients who are suffering and find it difficult to discuss their struggles within the Christian community but are still looking for help that is rooted in Christianity. With Joyce's help, clients can learn to heal their wounds and move forward with their lives without straying from their faith.

Joyce also offers individual counseling to those who have suffered from early childhood trauma. While some think that trauma cannot be treated, Joyce believes it can be and that clients are capable of healing from it. When asked about her approach to treating trauma, so that clients can heal and move on with their lives, Joyce said, "I have studied trauma for years and I have learned from the world's experts regarding the most up-to-date treatment. It is my method to work in a gentle and compassionate way. Healing does not always require you to talk through every aspect and detail of your life in order for you to gain freedom and healing." While Joyce's approach to helping clients is both compassionate and flexible, she does ask that clients be prepared to do deep work in their individual therapy sessions to start the healing process.

Helping clients overcome relationship issues is another one of Scherdin's specialties and she acknowledges the broad spectrum of relationships instead of only focusing on relationships between couples. With that being said, the majority of people who come to Joyce for relationship help are looking to improve intimate relationships. She is experienced in helping couples identify unhealthy patterns and developing other ways to communicate so that those patterns can be avoided and relationships can be strengthened. Joyce works with clients who are suffering from relationship issues at home, work, or school, with friends, family, or partners, and is currently accepting clients. She is also trained to work with one partner when the other is not willing to participate in therapy sessions and has worked with hundreds of clients who have had success healing their relationships after one-on-one sessions with Joyce.

Joyce sees therapy as an opportunity for others to improve their lives in more than one way that are valuable and impactful. Past clients have reported experiencing an increase in their self-awareness which in turn enabled them to shift thoughts, feelings, and actions to get what they wanted and needed out of life. One of Joyce's clients said, "I wish I had met Joyce years ago. She has given me the tools instrumental in redirecting my path. I am no longer angry, anxious and overwhelmed." Another was quoted saying, "Joyce is a wonderful caring and compassionate counselor. She helped me get through a very difficult time in my life and I would not be where I am today without her guidance and support. It can be very frustrating to find the right "fit" when it comes to searching for a mental health counselor or therapist. After a few tries with others that did not work out, she was the perfect fit for me."

About Joyce D. Scherdin Counseling
Joyce D. Scherdin Counseling is located at 3630 Dutchmans Lane in the heart of St. Matthews in Louisville, Kentucky. She is an out-of-network therapist and offers 50-minute counseling sessions at a cost of $145 per session. She recommends booking back-to-back sessions to allow for enough time to dig deep into the session without interruption and suggests weekly sessions in most cases. To book an appointment, you can book online through her website. If you have any questions you'd like answered that weren't answered on the Frequently Asked Questions page, please call 502-396-0087 prior to booking.

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