UltraSabers Announces Next Series of Lightsabers: The v5 Lineup

October 18, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Friendswood, TX A well-known creator of combat-ready lightsabers, UltraSabers is proud to unveil its latest innovation: the v5 lineup. This is a series of 16 new lightsabers, with several standard features that have been added in response to customer demand. New standard features, which were previously obtainable only at an extra cost, include windows cut in to the hilt as well as A/V switches. Furthermore, the Aeon v5, Dominix v5, and Initiate v5 sabers will come with claws as a standard feature as well.

As with all lightsabers manufactured by this company, the new lightsabers can be customized to accommodate the buyer's preferences in LED type, blade color, battery configuration, recharge port, pommel type, switch type, and other features.

Pre-orders are available now; the v5 sabers will ship in mid to late November. The v5 series consists of the following models:

  • Aeon v5
  • Aeon LE v5
  • Apprentice v5
  • Apprentice LE v5
  • Dark Apprentice v5
  • Dark Apprentice LE v5
  • Initiate v5
  • Initiate LE v5
  • Dark Initiate v5
  • Dark Initiate LE v5
  • Dominix v5
  • Dominix LE v5
  • Sentinel v5
  • Sentinel LE v5
  • Dark Sentinel v5
  • Dark Sentinel LE v5

  • The v5 series is intended as an expansion of UltraSabers' growing inventory of combat lightsabers, and older lightsabers in the company's catalog will continue to be available for purchase. UltraSabers carries a number of single- and double-blade models, which can be altered in various ways via the "Build Your Own Lightsaber" option on the website. In addition, UltraSabers offers many saber accessories, including emitters, couplers, claws, pommels, sound components, and other parts.

    For more v5 pre-order information, please visit UltraSabers online at https://ultrasabers.com/.

    About UltraSabers
    Founded in 2005, UltraSabers creates a broad array of high-quality lightsabers tailored for Star Wars and sci-fi enthusiasts across the globe. In addition to its customizable lightsabers, the company offers individual parts and components for customers who prefer to construct their own devices. UltraSabers operates out of Friendswood, Texas.

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