Aqcuiring Rehab Money, Buying Property Wholesale, Flipping Houses, Foreclosures, Tax Liens, Pre-foreclosures, Bankruptcy and All Real Estate Investing Just Became Easier

February 14, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Youngstown, Ohio—Real estate investors who specialize in tough transactions need creative solutions, but finding the right resources is often the biggest challenge they face.

Finding hard money and private lenders for each unique situation in cities all over the country is the challenge faced by investors who want to expend from their local area to other cities. They need to find solutions fast in order to take advantage of opportunities to invest in wholesaling real estate, flipping houses, foreclosures, tax liens, pre-foreclosures, bankruptcy, and other ways to make money in real estate.

Often the first investor with a financial solution wins over other investors competing for the same property. Whoever can find the right funding the fastest is usually the one who comes out on top,” said Joe Luckino of

The frustration over the lack of help to find funding and other resources for real estate opportunities led investors who are also cousins, Joe Luckino and Frank Luckino, to create the resource they needed , and now they are sharing their information with others who are having similar problems.

Many days can be spent researching and looking for the right funding, and if it is not found quickly an investor can discover someone else will beat them to the deal.

“Every investment is different, and so are the resources that are needed with each deal. We compiled resources to help with wholesaling real estate, flipping houses, foreclosures, tax liens, pre-foreclosures, bankruptcy, private financing, and other ways to make money in real estate,” said Joe Luckino.

“Experienced real estate industry experts know one of the hardest things to do as an investor is to establish a team of contacts. Time is precious and deals can pass by quickly if you’re not prepared with the resources needed such as financing. We designed to link investors to hard money lenders, commercial lenders, mortgage lenders, Realtors, wholesalers, title companies, attorneys, and more within a matter of minutes,” explained Frank Luckino.

The site is also a great place to strengthen knowledge on the industry with real estate investment articles, an online chat section, daily news, and other resources, added Frank.

“More often than not, investors are locally based and have a hard time expanding into the national market. It is very time consuming to establish a network of contacts when you are not familiar with an area. We designed to allow investors to pick what geographic area they want to do business in, and then connect with resources in that specific area. We want this site to help new investors get a jumpstart in their own backyard and seasoned investors to have the opportunity to conduct business abroad by utilizing this massive network. Months of research can be reduced to a matter of minutes by utilizing our network,” said Joe.

Annie Bortz: Office Manager

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