What to Do After a Car Accident: A 5 Step Guide by The Barnes Firm

December 18, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The California car accident attorneys at The Barnes Firm are issuing a reminder to all California drivers to be alert and cautious on the roads. Accidents can happen suddenly, leaving drivers little response time. Lousy weather, wildlife, and distracted drivers cause accidents. So does carelessness.

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, nearly 500,000 car accidents occur in California each year. More than half of these accidents produced injuries.

Most people don't plan on having an accident, so they aren't familiar with the steps to take when an accident happens.

The Barnes Firm wants drivers to remember five essential steps to take when involved in a California car accident.

1. Get Immediate Medical Attention: Your health and safety are top priority. This means calling 911 if anyone is injured. Some car accident injuries, such as whiplash, can take days for symptoms to appear. If you are experiencing even the slightest pain, see a doctor for a medical evaluation. The medical report may be a vital piece of information in your car accident case.

NOTE: If you can move your vehicle to the side of the road, do so. You are more likely to be in a second accident if you leave your car in the road. California law requires you to get your vehicle out of the way of traffic. If you cannot safely move your vehicle, activate your hazard lights and fasten your seatbelt until first responders arrive.

2. Contact Police: Once you've called 911, call the police. Remember to get the names of the officers and their badge numbers so you can obtain a copy of your accident report.

3. Take Pictures: Take pictures of skid marks on the road, damaged fenders, broken glass, or any other visible signs that an accident has occurred. Additionally, take pictures of any injuries. Injuries can heal, so recording evidence of injuries at the time of the accident can be useful when developing a legal case.

4. Take Notes and Gather Information: Swap contact information with the other driver, including insurance information. Make sure to get contact information from any witnesses who were nearby as well.

5. Call an Experienced Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer at The Barnes Firm: Seek legal advice from expert attorneys who know California state law and how to help victims recover damages. The Barnes Firm car accident attorneys can answer questions you might have regarding legal decisions.

The attorneys at the Barnes Firm help injured drivers and passengers involved in California car accidents. To date, they've assisted thousands of car accident victims in navigating the complex legal system and recovering the compensation they deserve.

For more information or to schedule a free consultation about getting compensation after a car accident injury, call (800) 800-0000 to discuss your legal options with a California attorney at the Barnes Firm.

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