German start-up: UZE Mobility buys 500 e-trucks for disrupting mobility business cases

December 16, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Bremen, Germany - UZE Mobility GmbH buys 500 e-trucks from StreetScooter GmbH. With the e-trucks, the start-up company is now putting its innovative concept of e-mobility and Big Data on the road nationwide. The StreetScooter GmbH is a subsidiary of Deutsche Post and a leading supplier of electrically powered commercial vehicles in Europe.

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  • American dream: from Apple to Siemens - corporations must disclose all data they collect about humanity

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    UZE Mobility would like to offer its vehicles free of charge in future. The cost-neutral rental will be financed by advertising and other data-controlled business models, for example in the areas of smart home, insurance, financing and mobile entertainment. For this purpose, UZE Mobility has developed the UZE Box, which collects and evaluates all data in the vehicles. The aim is to significantly reduce pollution from traffic, traffic accidents, emissions and noise in conurbations by 2025. Data scandals like the ones that happened with Facebook are prevented by UZE Mobility's consistent use of blockchain technology. The startup, however, does it without an Initial coin offering (ICO).

    American dream: From Apple to Siemens - Corporations must disclose all data they collect about humanity
    On the basis of big data and artificial intelligence, new markets worth billions will emerge in all industries, from which every enterprising person can profit and live the american dream. "To achieve this, humanity must break open the data silos of corporations from Apple to Siemens. Then small companies and company founders will have a much better chance of living the American dream. Artificial intelligence and open science will then experience enormous leaps in innovation. New sustainable inventions and concepts in the fight against disease, poverty, scarcity of raw materials, hunger or climate change will be implemented much faster and more effectively. UZE Mobility is only our first step in this direction," says Dr. Dr.-Ing. Alexander N. Jablovski, CEO and Co-Founder of UZE.

    For interview requests with Dr. Dr.-Ing. Alexander N. Jablovski, CEO & Co-Founder UZE Mobility, please call our German number: +49-1511-2719962.

    Mr. Jablovski will be in Boston from 17 December 2018.

    About the UZE Mobility Team
    The rapidly growing UZE Mobility team of 45 people (as per 12/2018) is an agile team consisting of a multitude of experts to make the future of smart mobility and cities a reality. UZE Mobility brings together experts from the fields of digitalization, blockchain, hardware development and fleet management with a long-standing international background and a network of global partners.

    CEO & Co-Founder Dr. Dr.-Ing. Alexander N. Jablovski is the visionary and head of corporate strategy and international business development. As an experienced company founder and Senior Vice President of an international company in the automotive industry, he has been successfully active in the mobility industry for many years. Previously, he was a researcher and consultant at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he advised VCs and founded start-ups. He shares his knowledge in lectures and presentations.

    CDO & Co-Founder Sebastian Thelen is a successful entrepreneur in the field of data analysis and digital startup scene. As a board member and CDO, he implements the UZE Mobility Vision of the Intelligent Ecosystem and develops the underlying technologies and applications. Sebastian Thelen is a sought-after interlocutor and speaker on the future topics of his time, such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Blockchain.

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