Babs Freibert, Healthy Living Coach and Reiki Master Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Launches New Website for Illuminous Living

December 18, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
The term "illuminous" isn't a word that you will find in a dictionary, but for Babs Freibert it has a great deal of meaning. If you ask Babs how she came upon the word that would become the name of her life coaching business, she'll happily tell you the story of how it was gifted to her by spirit during a meditation years ago. For Babs, "illuminous" means "to bring to the light, to radiate, to see" and that's exactly what she's helping her clients do through the variety of life coaching services she offers at Illuminous Living. And now, Babs has a new website for Illuminous Living that beautifully represents her spirit, her beliefs, and her passion for helping others.

Illuminous Living came to fruition almost 10 years ago after Babs followed her life's path which led her to Duke University. At Duke, she focused on the university's Integrative Medicine's Health Coaching Program and learned to integrate conventional medicine with holistic and alternative healing methods. After she graduated and began working with clients, it was revealed to her that in order for her clients to reach optimal health, they must let go of the clutter in their lives both in their homes and their minds and Illuminous Living was born.

Over the last decade, Illuminous Living has transformed from an organization and clutter clearing outfit to a full-scale life coaching operation. Through Illuminous Living, Babs offers services that are proven to help lead individuals down a clearer path of purpose. Some of the services interested parties living in the Louisville, Kentucky area can take advantage of include:

  • Healthy Living Coaching during which Babs works with her clients to clear their psyches and souls of mental clutter. Mental clutter often keeps us from achieving things we truly want such as a healthy body, positive relationships, a kindred spirit, and a clear path. With Babs' help, others can learn how to find the answers to life's toughest dilemmas within themselves and illuminate their true path and purpose.
  • Organization/Clutter Clearing is another service Babs offers that allows clients to literally clear their physical spaces of clutter. Babs works with clients on starting small and cleaning a closet, pantry, or car to start the process of transformation. After clearing the clutter, others are able to see things more clearly and take advantage of everything life has to offer them.
  • Babs also offers Wedding Officiating for couples who are getting married. Babs works with the couple to help design a ceremony that is perfect for them by connecting through conversation. By learning more about the couple and the history of their relationship, she is able to create a unique ceremony that is the perfect fit for the special couple.
  • Reiki Sessions are also available for those interested in the ancient healing system that is used to spiritually guide life force energy. Babs has been a Reiki Master since 2001 and, in addition to offering Reiki session, she also offers Reiki training for those who are interested in becoming a Reiki practitioner or master themselves.
  • Babs hosts a variety of Workshops and Events through Illuminous Living that focuses on a wide range of topics including the benefits of downsizing, the positive influence of earthing, how to bio-hack your body, and more. In 2019, Babs will also be offering soul retreats at her cabin for those who are interested in disconnecting with their busy day-to-day lives and reconnecting with their inner selves.
  • Internal Wellness services are also available through Illuminous Living. The internal wellness services Babs offers focus on bringing people's health back into balance through the wellness and personal care company, LifeVantage, and the science of neutrogenomics.

  • If you are interested in learning more about how Illuminous Living can help you to clear your mind and bring order to your life, the new website offers additional information and details about each service offered. You can also learn more about Babs herself, what her previous clients have to say about her, and the resources Babs recommends if you are interested in learning more about healthy living coaching and the beliefs behind Illuminous Living.

    While rates are available on the Illuminous Living website, prices are negotiable for a variety of services. Contact Babs at Illuminous Living if you have any additional questions or are interested in learning more about what services are available by calling 502-558-2653 or by visiting the website and clicking on Contact Babs.

    In addition to the new website, you can also keep up with Illuminous Living through social media. Illuminous Living can be found on Facebook and is also on Instagram @babsfreibert.

    About Babs Freibert
    Babs Freibert has known that her life path would lead her to a place where she could help others transform their lives through healthy living coaching and clutter clearing from a young age. With the help of higher education and spiritual enlightenment, she was able to create Illuminous Living and offer her help to others who are struggling with finding clarity. She is driven by her client's success and strives for each of them to experience the AHA! moment that leads to embracing their true selves. Learn more about Babs Freibert by visiting today.

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