Otherworld Cottage reports great reviews for Harvey Kubernik's "The Doors Summer's Gone"

January 03, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Otherworld Cottage Industries has a lot to celebrate as it moves into the new year, starting with the publication of last year's book by Harvey Kubernik, "The Doors Summer's Gone."

One of its earliest reviews, posted on April 24th by Kent Kotal in his Forgotten Hits Blogspot, "This and That" reported, "Once again Harvey has taken key elements from the interviews he's done over the past 40+ years and woven them into a very descriptive perspective of The Doors, both musically and personally … The book is brilliantly put together and even the most casual Doors fan will enjoy the fly-on-the-wall memories who were there from the beginning and caught these guys performing in the clubs before and after their first record was ever released. The way the band grew in fan appeal (and mythical proportions) is unbelievable. Highly recommended."

In Shindig! magazine's June 2018 issue (U.K.), reviewer Grahame Bent gave it Four Stars and reported "To his eternal credit Kubernik's thoughtfully assembled episodic text doesn't focus excessively on already well explored aspects of The Doors' mythology, but rather attempts to build a fuller, more rounded picture of the band and their turbo-charged rise to the top by incorporating material and viewpoints from a wide diversity of sources which lends a tangible sense of time and place to the material."

And this quote from Andy Pearson's Fear and Loathing Fanzine review of "The Doors Summer's Gone" claims, "Harvey Kubernik has opted to gather together rare or exclusive interviews and recollections with people who were there at the time, ranging from the band members themselves to original fans and acquaintances … which capture the real essence of the band, that I enjoyed so much and I'm sure anyone else, from rabid fan to appreciative listener will do the same."

On this side of the pond, "The Doors Summer's Gone" was a Lee Zimmerman Quick Pick in the August issue of Goldmine magazine in which he reports it's "A fascinating oral history told in remarkable detail, this is a Doors bio that ranks as among the more expansive." (If you really want to stay abreast of Harvey's many activities, visit Kubernik's Korner regularly. That's where all the latest news, reviews and interviews are regularly updated!)

Mark Nardone's musicconnection.com review of "The Doors Summer's Gone" reports "Here's another kick-ass compendium of interviews, courtesy of journalist/historian Harvey Kubernik, who seems to have a bottomless trove of chats with the band's members, intimates and authorities." And there are four Five Star reviews on Amazon.

In Harvey's interview with Goldmine magazine publisher Pat Prince on his Goldmine Magazine Podcast, they talked about Kubernik's 2009 "Canyon of Dreams, The Magic and the Music of Laurel Canyon" (Sterling) and "The Doors Summer's Gone." Harvey's next radio broadcast interview about Harvey and Kenneth Kubernik's latest book "The Story of the Band" (Sterling), and "The Doors Summer's Gone", is scheduled for Saturday,19 January, between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. EST on the Michael Shelley Show on WFMU-FM in New Jersey.

Incidentally, "The Story of The Band: From Big Pink to the Last Waltz," was listed #5 in Paste magazine's compilation of its "Best Music Books of 2018," and also selected in "2018 in Review: The Best Music Books of the Year," by the Best Classic Bands staff.

Harvey's fans know that he is widely quoted and published in print magazines, newspapers, and blogs, but we'd be remiss not to mention these next three.
  • The 50th issue of Ugly Things magazine scheduled for publication in February 2019, which will feature Harvey's story on the 50th anniversary of The Doors "Waiting for the Sun,"and an article on the 60th anniversary of Howlin' Wolf's debut album "Moanin' in the Moonlight" on Chess Records, soon to be reissued by Geffen/Ume.
  • The current December-January issue of Record Collector News magazine, presenting Kubernik's 4,000 word examination of "The Beatles White Album" and includes an article introducing Travis Pike to Record Collector News readers.
  • And Cave Hollywood's current offerings including Kubernik's appreciation of Howlin' Wolf's "Moanin In The Moonlight" celebrating a 60th retail milestone in 2019, plus his stories on Neil Young, Norman Granz, The Moody Blues, Tina Turner, Don Webster (Host of Upbeat), an extensive interview with Travis Pike, and on January 4th Cave Hollywood will add Harvey's 10,000 word essay on Johnny Cash and related 2019 50th anniversary Cash-driven events.
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