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February 15, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Datamatix School of Business
Datamatix School of Business (DSB) announces its February 2006 executive & professional development programs with a line up of 3 in demand power series on Human Resources Development to be held on the 18th and 19th, coached by Dr. Hosam Abou Elanain, Assistant Professor, Dubai University College, on Project Management to be held on the 14th and 15th coached by Mr. Anthony Eve, Vice-President, Business Management Consultants, and on Government Customer Care to be held on the 25th and 26th coached by Mr. Shahriar Shahabi, Head of Datamatix School Business at the Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel in Dubai.
Datamatix School of Business (DSB), an innovator and pioneer in professional development programs is implementing its flagship hybrid model of knowledge transfer techniques that have been created by top business consultants and practitioners from the both the Middle East and North America. This collaborative system of learning is called “Engaged Active Learning” or EAL, which focuses on skills development under real-work environment. With EAL, attendees are not exposed to standard methodologies and cliché terminologies that may or may not have practical relevance to overcoming real-and-present on the job hurdles.
“We call our trainers coaches, our setting a work center not lecture hall or class room, and the conversation amongst professionals (coach and attendee) is not a one way monolog as is the case with many training institutes here,” stated Shahriar Shahabi, Executive Manager of Datamatix Group and Head of Datamatix School of Business. Through EAL, professional participants who attend our programs are challenged to improve their skills by taking on real case studies that comes from within their organizations or personal experience at work. Once an issue is addressed, we wrap our brains around it and in the process knowledge is transferred and skills are developed, and I believe that is what our clients (the individual and or their companies / organizations) pay us to do”, Mr. Shahabi added. DSB’s mission is to help professionals improve on their performance by maximizing their potential to take command and control of ideas, tasks, processes, teams, units and companies. With all things said and done, what remains as the two competitive forces in the market place are innovation and human capital. Companies that posses these two elements have the competitive advantage in their respective markets but this should not be taken for granted. Our focus at Datamatix School of Business is to help our clients constantly keep their innovative spirit on a high and their professional teams on a high level of competence and confidence to achieve results.Datamatix has access to some of the worlds leading trainers who they themselves have been on the front line of business from the United States, to Canada, to England, to China, and to Australia. “All of our trainers come with years of practical experience not only in their respective countries but more importantly in the Middle East region and that’s another shining value Datamatix School of Business offers” stated Ms. Mina Mansoor DSB Program Manager and Coordinator.
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