Denver-Based Entrepreneur Expands Services with Launch of Nationwide Confidential Onsite Transcription

January 09, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Denver, Colorado (January 9, 2019)-Entrepreneur Ben Walker has been providing remote transcription services to businesses around the globe for the better part of a decade. Responding to a growing need for more secure transcription options, Transcription Outsourcing, LLC is launching a brand new service: confidential onsite transcription.

Since 2010, Transcription Outsourcing has provided remote transcription services from their offices in Denver, Colorado. The company has touched almost every industry, from legal and medical to law enforcement and academia. Now, they're bringing their talent directly to businesses nationwide with onsite confidential transcription services.

Company founder and CEO Ben Walker, a Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) member, saw an opportunity to help businesses cut costs without sacrificing security or quality. By providing onsite transcription talent, he's delivering a familiar level of service with a more personal touch. He explains, "More and more companies all over the U.S. are asking us to go to their offices and provide secure, confidential transcription services for in-person projects."

Walker was eager to provide a solution. "Many of our clients find us online, read our reviews, and see who we've worked with. They want to partner with us based on that history. We build personal connections with our clients, and this is a primary reason why we do so much repeat business." Walker saw an opportunity to take the company's existing commitment to high-quality, affordable transcription and deliver that same model directly to clients' doors.

He continues, "After nearly a decade providing remote services, it was time to take the next step and bring our talented team onsite to meet the needs of clients who are looking for secure transcription at their own locations."

This new confidential onsite transcription service provides an affordable, high-quality solution for clients who require more security than remote transcription allows. As with their remote services, Transcription Outsourcing's expert team prioritizes accuracy and confidentiality. Transcriptionists work with clients to keep data protected from premature or unauthorized disclosure and stay within compliance of HIPAA, CJIS, or other regulations.

Walker launched this new service with strict attention to one of the key elements that made his remote transcription so successful: flexibility. For onsite services, the company's experienced transcriptionists are available on an as-needed basis, including for projects that fall outside of standard business hours or require quick turnaround. With adaptability in mind, Transcription Outsourcing's transcriptionists can easily conform to the needs of a specific project. They arrive onsite equipped with all necessary technology or can step in and use tools provided by an organization for maximum security.

About Transcription Outsourcing, LLC
Founded in 2010, Transcription Outsourcing provides expert remote and onsite confidential transcription services on a contract basis for law enforcement, legal professionals, the medical field, news and media organizations, and general business purposes.

In an interview with Forbes, Major Henry La Mar, CEO of La Mar Investigations, said, "We found that using a law enforcement transcription service like Transcription Outsourcing, LLC provided us with many benefits." This included fast turnaround times for report completion, overtime reduction, and cost-effectiveness.

With the company's new onsite service, these benefits are now even more accessible to businesses seeking secure, confidential transcription solutions.


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