Should I Get A Bus Accident Lawyer?

January 09, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
NEW YORK – From school buses to MTA buses, tour buses, limousines, and party buses – when you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, you may be asking yourself, Should I Get A Bus Accident Lawyer? Yes!

Common Kinds of Bus Accidents in New Jersey & New York - A new investigation estimates that there have been more than 20,000 bus-related accidents in the New York Metro Area since 2015. That's only counting MTA buses! If you include other types of buses, this number will be much higher.

Here are just some of the ways passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers have been impacted by bus mishaps:

  • Injured in a School Bus accident
  • Hurt in a MTA Bus crash
  • Tour Bus accident injuries
  • Injured in a Limousine accident
  • Involved in a Party Bus accident

  • Due to their large sizes and heavy weights, buses are extremely dangerous. That's why operators MUST get extensive training.

    Sadly, even good bus drivers have made mistakes on the road.

    Should You Get A Bus Accident Lawyer?

    It's ALWAYS worth calling an experienced bus accident lawyer in New Jersey and New York. At Cellino & Barnes, we'll provide you with a FREE case evaluation based on our extensive experience:

  • Limousine accident lawyers
  • Tour bus accident attorneys
  • School bus accident attorneys
  • Party bus accident lawyers
  • And more…

  • If you or a loved one has been injured by a bus or while riding a bus, there are unique deadlines and filing requirements you should be aware of. Our team will not only make sure these deadlines and requirements are met; we'll also make sure you're in position to recover the best result possible.

    For further information, contact the Law Offices of Cellino & Barnes, 800-888-8888.

    Background on Cellino & Barnes:

    Cellino & Barnes is a personal injury firm that focuses exclusively on accident cases. They have helped thousands of injured victims from all fifty states recover more than $2 billion in settlements and verdicts.

    The firm has nine office locations in the U.S. including offices in Rochester, Buffalo, New York City, and Long Island.

    For more information about Cellino & Barnes visit our website at


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