Auto Insurance Solutions for High-Risk Drivers

February 28, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Toronto, Canada, Feb 28, 2019 - Drivers with a poor driving history have more insurance options than ever before. Insurance Hotline publishes rates for all types of drivers, including high-risk ones. Just one mistake in judgment or one at-fault accident can raise driver insurance rates for years. Since insurance coverage is mandatory, high-risk drivers need help to remain legally on the road.

A high-risk driver is defined as one with a history of problematic driving. This history could include multiple traffic tickets, at-fault accidents or a combination of the two. While it is reasonable to expect high-risk drivers to pay more for their insurance, the cost is sometimes prohibitive and does not take into account a new pattern of safety on the driver's part.

High-risk drivers can also find their insurance policies cancelled if they incur further infractions. Just one speeding ticket or another traffic accident can cost them their insurance coverage, leading to a loss of transportation to work and other responsibilities. Insurance companies may also simply find the driver is too risky to renew when they review the policy each year.

While some traditional insurance companies still exclude insuring high-risk drivers, others have moved in to fill this coverage gap. In addition to offering protection to these drivers, these companies work to help drivers achieve low-risk status once again.

"Everyone deserves a second chance, particularly drivers who are working to improve," says Anne Marie Thomas of
Ms. Thomas encourages drivers to not give up and suggests the following auto insurance tips for high-risk drivers:
  • Comparison shopping. Shop around and get a number of quotes before purchasing a policy.
  • Monitor their driving record. Make certain that old infractions are dropped when they should be. Each conviction against a driving record makes a difference in insurance costs and coverage.
  • Take safety seriously. In some cases, a safe driving course combined with renewed attention to the road will help them become safer drivers and re-establish a clean driving record.

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