Get Expert Advice or Make Money as an Expert Consultant with New App SnafWho – Available on the App Store

February 20, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Experts are all around us. Whatever the project, question or task, there's always a skilled "non-professional" person who has the accumulated experience to solve it, whether it's the home chef, shade tree mechanic, handyman or the family's teen computer whiz… While they may not think of themselves in that way, their expertise and knowledge have real monetary value. Now a new app called SnafWho has launched which promises to connect those "every day" experts with people in need. Everyone can capitalize on their existing skills to earn extra money, and anyone needing assistance can secure affordable instant advice 24/7. SnafWho is available exclusively for iOS on the App Store and was produced by SnafWho, Inc.

While there's plenty of DIY websites and videos, it can be hugely time-consuming to wade through them all in search of a particular problem, and even if located, it may not explain the solution clearly. But SnafWho consultants can work directly with the user on their exact problem, using real-time video chat, audio chat or instant messaging to get specific assistance with a specific problem.

SnafWho makes it convenient for consultants to set up profiles, market skills and earn top ratings by giving consultations to people all over the globe. Consultants register with the app, login and setup their availability, set their pricing, receive requests for consultation, accept/reject/update requests and provide consultation. After the job, consultants receive ratings and have the opportunity to get featured in the app to boost their marketing visibility. With SnafWho, consultants can quickly become professional teachers without the need for expensive certifications or licensing.

"SnafWho mines the most valuable resource that is all around us – our fellow humans," says SnafWho creator Christine Vinson. "Without even leaving their homes, consultants can help dozens of people with their problems and earn money doing what they already know and love. And this is the best way for users to find fast, affordable skilled help instantly."

Download the SnafWho app and start earning money or get immediate help with a problem today! Visit the App Store or for more information and demo videos, visit

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