When In Need Foundation Conducts Free Medical Outreach & Gives Free Food Supplies in the Maitama Neighborhood, Abuja

February 22, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Dr. Ecton emphasized that even in places like Maitama, you will find people that need to be recipients of our free medical services, an outreach program that WIN has been doing for the last ten years. Wherever people reside and work, there is an opportunity to serve and Maitama is no exception to assume such a mantra of humanitarian action that keeps benefiting the people of Nigeria in various communities and the world at large.

December 15, 2018 was a beautiful Saturday morning, the day of a free medical mission by the When In Need Foundation. The WIN Medical team was ready to attend to the crowd gathering to receive free medical tests, consultations, eye examinations, and free treatment for various illnesses. Hundreds that gathered at the mission were individually attended to by a team of talented doctors from the When In Need Foundation. A total of about 600 persons including police officers benefitted from this humanitarian gesture of goodwill and act of kindness by Dr. Ecton and the When In Need Foundation.

Further, it was a blessing in disguise to have the Inspector General of Nigerian Police Force send the Nigerian Police Force medical team of doctors, nurses and laboratory scientists to the event to collaborate with the When In Need Foundation in this unprecedented endeavor. This added beauty to this humanitarian operation and all the medical and food beneficiaries were attended to smoothly with no incident.

Beneficiaries in attendance showed their gratitude that the organization remembered them in the festive period. 'I am grateful to have all of us treated here today for free' says a father of 3 who benefitted from the outreach together with his family. Everyone went home smiling, including the police officers in the neighborhood who benefitted. Dr. Ecton together with the entire leadership of the When in Need Foundation remain indebted for the people that showed up to receive the free medical services and food, and for the matchless spirit of material and moral support given by the Inspector General of Nigerian Police.

Reaching out to people and communities in need wherever they are found is a task of a lifetime for the WIN Foundation. Every year, different stakeholders from all walks of professional, social, cultural, economic, religious, corporate and diplomatic life add currency to our work by helping us harness the humanitarian resources needed to work in communities in Nigeria and around the world. Dr. Ecton appeals to all well-meaning individuals by submitting that 'In today's world of endless need, the call to humanitarian duty must be answered by every citizen of the world'. We encourage you to donate today and become our partner.

Dr. Ogbansiegbe Joseph
Medical Coordinator, WIN Foundation.

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