51Degrees Achieves 98.07% Verifiable TAC Device Detection Coverage

February 23, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
51Degrees' device intelligence solution for Wi-Fi and cellular network operators now achieves over 98.07% coverage for TAC*. This means there is now a verifiable, multi-data, independent source of accurate TAC device data which addresses long-standing issues, such as TACs being used across multiple devices and unauthorized TACs being actively used by some manufacturers. 51Degrees data is also indexed for web and native apps for use over both Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

51Degrees receives TAC data from multiple verified sources, they do not rely on a single source of data. The TAC data from these sources is then manually researched by an in-house data team, before being mapped to their extensive list of over 53,394 device profiles, to ensure the highest levels of accuracy are maintained.

Their coverage of 98.07% is based on real-world active devices with screens. It doesn't include TAC data associated with devices that were never launched or are no longer active on any network.

The other 1.93% is made up of devices that are only contained in a single data source and can't be collaborated with another data source. For example; a device that has a registered TAC code but no verifiable manufacturer. It is also made up of devices that are not sufficiently active to warrant researching and adding to the data.

Other solutions, which have a single dominant data source, may claim they have a higher coverage but may not have verified their data against multiple authoritative sources.

James Rosewell, CEO, and Founder of 51Degrees stated "I setup 51Degrees to challenge established vendors who scrape device data from the web or don't ensure data is verifiable against multiple authoritative data sources. Over the past 9 years, 51Degrees have established a market leading methodology which is used by some of the largest digital businesses on the planet. I'm delighted the 51Degrees team has achieved this major milestone making 51Degrees a solution that Mobile Network Operators who care about data quality and their supply chain must now evaluate."

51Degrees' enhanced data file, indexed by TAC, supports multiple use cases such as identifying which devices are actively accessing your network, which ones are performing best on your network, improving customer services and enabling upsell opportunities. Benefits of this product can be realized department-wide; from Marketing to Customer Services and from BI to Engineering.

Visit the team at Mobile World Congress 2019 at stand 7UP.72 between Hall 7 and 8.1. Better still book a meeting to understand more about this significant advancement.

Find out more about 51Degrees and TAC Intelligence.

About 51Degrees:

51Degrees provides the fastest and most accurate solution for device identification, optimized for web, app, and network operators. Clients such as Tencent, Disney and eBay, alongside over 1.5 million websites have access to data which includes device price, age, battery capacity, and screen size, all in real time.


*Correct at time of publication.

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