Using DevHub Enhances Your Martech Stack

March 12, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
March 12, 2019 - (Seattle, Washington) - DevHub is a white-label technology platform that makes deploying web experiences more streamlined because unlike traditional platforms DevHub is powered by data. Today, those data powered experiences are a digital marketers best friend. From landing pages, sites, catalog pages, local pages, store finder technology, promo pages to co-op landing pages.

A Centralized Platform - Having 10, 50, or even 100+ personalized web experiences powered by data is huge in today's fast paced digital marketing industry. DevHub allows companies to manage their landing pages in one centralized platform by bolting onto their existing workflow. DevHub's white-label technology also helps you build sites and landing pages that rely on any combination of structured data from location and hours to inventories and menu - every experience is optimized for mobile first.

Committed to Innovation - As a fully cloud-based solution, DevHub has the capability to quickly update its own platform with the latest innovations, many of which are client-driven solutions. Unlike web-based platforms that deliver a couple of updates a year, DevHub has already released more than 900 updates, each designed to push the technology forward. DevHub's goal is to deliver the best user experience to its customers so they can in turn deliver their best to their own customers.<br />

It's Easy - The ultimate benefit of DevHub's solution is its ease of use. For instance, once updating hundreds of landing pages would have taken weeks. With DevHub's flagship product RallyMind, it's the work of an afternoon. DevHub's centralized platform streamlines your work by letting you apply changes to a few or many pages easily, saving you time and expense.

It's Got Baked-In Analytics - DevHub's solutions are designed for integration. They work with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Adobe, Mixpanel and more, giving businesses the metrics you need to gauge your campaigns' success. Without analytics, companies are marketing in the dark, so DevHub ensures that clients have the tools they need to evaluate each aspect of their digital campaign. Is your target audience seeing your landing pages? Is your digital reach growing? DevHub makes it easy to find out.

DevHub operates in multiple sectors, and the company's platform continues to make inroads into new sectors through innovative updates. Display advertising, mobile marketing, search and social advertising-these are just a few areas of marketing technology where DevHub's solutions shine. If your business hopes to extend its digital reach with scalable solutions, take advantage of DevHub's innovative offerings. Visit the company's site to see everything its platform can do to promote your company's growth and success.

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