Bridgewest highlights the advantages of relocating your company from one country to another

March 13, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
March 13, 2019 - Bridgewest, a firm specialized in company formation around the world, highlights the main advantages of relocating your business from one country to another and lists some of the issues that should be taken into consideration by entrepreneurs planning to make this move.

"Relocating a company to another country can translate into lower overall corporate taxes, access to a different market that offers more attractive perspectives as well as access to a talented workforce", declared Alex Cuc, director of Bridgewest.

Reasons to relocate a company - Our Bridgewest experts list below some of the main reasons why business owners decide to move their headquarters:

  • Lower taxes: moving a business to another jurisdiction can result in overall lower taxes mainly because of the local corporate income tax rate and the capital gains tax rate; a Seychelles IBC is a preferred business form for investors looking for a low-tax location.
  • Better business prospects: investors can find that another market is more offering in terms of possible clients; for example, opening a business with luxury cars for rent in Dubai can be a good business decision compared to other locations.
  • Increased workforce skills: some countries offer a pool of talented workers in a certain business field, which may be important for some business owners.
  • Facility upgrade: this can be important for a start-up that needs to move to a larger, better-equipped facility.

  • Regardless of the main reasons for the relocation, it is advisable that investors take into consideration all of the implications of moving a business and that they enter the new phase prepared for dealing with matters in a new jurisdiction. Bridgewest recommends that clients work with a team of local specialists, such as agents specialized in company formation in Dubai, whenever they plan to relocate a company.

    Issues to consider when relocating a company

    Understanding the local company incorporation requirements is important when deciding to relocate a business. In order for the move to be a streamlined one, an identical or similar type of company will need to be incorporated and registered in the new location. For example, the private limited company is a type of business entity in Malta that is also available in many other jurisdictions.

    Our Bridgewest experts advise company owners to seek proper assistance not only for company incorporation, but also for information regarding the local laws for company owners. For example, a team of lawyers in Italy can help entrepreneurs understand the local corporate laws as well as the tax and intellectual property laws.

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