Optenet S.A. and WebWhile, Inc. launch new site for the Optenet PC Parental Control Filter, to deliver a safe and secure Internet.

February 16, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Feasterville, PA and Madrid, Spain. (February 16, 2006) –More and more news stories are exposing the dangers of surfing the Internet unprepared. The simple internet content filters that manually index lists of websites are becoming more and more obsolete, as the Internet continues to grow at astronomical proportions and the potential dangers introduced by our need to be connected to cyberspace in all aspects of our lives, increases exponentially.
Optenet S.A.’s Optenet PC v. 9.4 is the latest version of Optenet PC Parental Control Filter. Available since 1997 throughout Europe, the company focused on its multilingual capabilities to serve the European community. Optenet PC is recognized in Europe as one of the foremost web filters available. The company leads the way in organizations such as the Internet Action Plan (IAP), a multi-annual community action plan on promoting a safer user of the Internet funded by the European Union, NetProtect project and SIFT, where they partnered with the ICRA (Internet Content Rating Association). Only now has Optenet set out to make its mark in the large US parental control market, where players such as Netnanny (NASDAQ:LOOK) and Cyberpatrol (LSE:SRF.L) have dominated.
The new Optenet website (http://www.optenetpc.com) enables parents to download a 14-day fully functional trial version of Optenet PC. When the trial period is over, they are led to the website where they can purchase an annual license online. Parents will appreciate the added security and safety that the web filter provides –it provides them with a strong management tool for their home computer or home network — by monitoring and controlling how, when and to whom Internet access is allowed, filtered or blocked, and which websites family members can access – allowing a family to define the Internet environment they want – not the one that is forced upon them by spammers and cybersquatters.
The site will also be updated continuously with useful information about the latest trends in Internet crime, what to watch out for and how to stay safe. “We are not just selling a tool to our customers,” explains Dror Gliksman, Product manager for WebWhile, Inc., the company managing the website. “We want our customers to be able to rely on us to keep them educated about the dangers of the Internet and how they can protect themselves.” This also fits in well with Optenet’s plans to release a complete home security suite in the coming months.
"Just as parents keep watch on where their children are and with whom they go out in the real world, parents need to be aware that this is necessary online as well. The Internet is full of wonderful information and experiences but there is an abundance of undesirable content and characters waiting for vulnerable victims – identity theft, phishing attacks, pornography, spyware, viruses, sexual harassment - -are just some of the risks that we need to protect ourselves and our families from when they are online," said Natalia Gómez del Pozuelo, Marketing and Channel Director, Optenet S.A. “I am excited to be working together with WebWhile Inc. to provide us with a focus on the N. American market.”
"We have had extensive experience in the Internet security market. What impressed us about Optenet PC was its advanced technological solution – going far beyond the usual URL databases that most web filter companies are using. Further, Optenet’s close ties to the European government organizations faced with developing policies that will protect citizens online impressed us. They are the authority in Europe when it comes to parental filters. Furthermore, we found that other filters are overly biased to English content. Pornography is pornography whether it’s in French, Portugese or English,” notes Sheryl Sitman, General Manager of WebWhile. "Parents need to keep some control over their PC to prevent access to cyber thieves, to stop their children from making illegal or virus-ridden downloads, for example. I am confident that anyone who tries the free trial is going to feel the added peace of mind immediately."
Optenet PC 9.4 the latest version of Optenet PC Web Filter, includes new and improved safety features, such as:
• Block file transfer networks
Block P2P such as well-known programs like Kazaa, E-mule and Gnutella
• Block instant messaging services, e-mails, chats and newsgroups.
Children are using Instant Messaging systems such as MSN Messenger, ICQ and others to stay in touch constantly. Reports site concerns of addiction and of loss of sleep due to an obsessive need to be online and connected to friends.
Optenet PC can be downloaded for free and installed in minutes by visiting www.optenetpc.com. The program costs $39.95 with 12 months of daily updates and a 30-day money back guarantee. It includes free version upgrades and technical support.
For further information, contact info@optenetpc.com