Announcing A Royal Icon For Modern Times: The Barcelona Collection

April 23, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
New York, NY - April 23, 2019.-
Nothing is more iconic to the early Mid Century Modern design movement than the Barcelona chair and the overall collection. Barcelona Designs is proud to present the items that make the whole store a dream come true, the whole Barcelona collection, available on their website.

As a pioneer in Mid Century design, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was chosen to make these pieces for the German Pavilion for the 1929 International Exposition in Barcelona for the Queen and King of Spain. Through breathtaking proportioning and arranging, Mies made a completely extraordinary space, which raised modern age materials to a dimension of beauty not accomplished in any other day and time. Mies included seats and stools.

The designer was set to make a seat for royalty so he's thought to have based the plans, with their mark outlines, on the battle seats of Ancient Rome. Mies: "I feel that it must be conceivable to blend the old and new in our pieces." The items within the Barcelona Collection: the Chair, the Day Bed, the Table and couch were items of the German collapsible shelter within the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition wherever they became instantly known.

The Barcelona Collection, a true Mid Century Classic
Despite the fact that the Barcelona Pavilion was only erected seven months, it is perceived as a characterizing accomplishment of present-day engineering, similar to the Barcelona Chairs, even though Spain's royalty of the moment never sat on them.

In the collection featured in the Barcelona Designs website, few people know that the Barcelona Day Bed available in this collection is not a solo piece but a part of the Barcelona Collection and that's exactly what Barcelona Designs is proud to show to its audience.

This collection not only features the Barcelona Chair, the most iconic piece of the bunch but it also includes the iconic daybed, a very comfortable Barcelona Sofa, a distinguished table, and surprisingly, even an Barcelona Ottoman. Available at the store, these pieces get together for the perfect trifecta.

Made for every place, even the smaller ones
A standout amongst the most perceived objects of the 20th century, and a symbol of the advanced furniture design of those times, its most iconic item, the Barcelona Chair radiates a straightforward style that exemplifies Mies van der Rohe's most celebrated saying "less is more." Each Barcelona piece of the collection is a tribute to excellent furniture design and craftsmanship.

That motto fits perfectly into the modern way of life, allowing Barcelona Designs to offer a collection that is not only fit for royalty but can also fit perfectly in any space, whether it is a 2,000 ft house or a 20 ft apartment. In fact, BCN feels pride in this collection specially because it's aimed for people whose goal is to keep a small space well decorated without clutter.

Barcelona Design's pride
The Barcelona Chair and Table are its most known work, however alongside the urban center chair, and therefore the Tugendhat chair. Mies van der Rohe could be a proverb for wonderful attainment, ancient and trendy luxurious materials, and a singular separation of the structure and therefore the supporting surfaces.

There's every reason in the book to believe that the Barcelona Collection is the uttermost Mid Century design specially crafted for Barcelona Designs proudly displays every single item in the Collection by Mies Van Der Rohe available on their website with 5% off and same-day free shipping.

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