New Book Reveals 12 Marketing Secrets of Superstar Professional Service Firms

February 16, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The traditional advice for professional service providers to focus their marketing efforts on networking and referrals isn’t holding true in the modern internet era, says Rainmaker Best Practices President, Patrick McEvoy.

A new book put out by the professional service firm consultancy attempts to define and isolate the “handful” of things that the new aggressive consulting firms are doing right in their marketing.

The problem with the traditional “old boys” club approach to marketing professional services is that it no longer exists in its traditional form. “Company CEOs and other C-level executives are far more willing to price shop you on the internet. New alliances and loyalties are just a click away,” McEvoy points out.

“We’ve worked with over 11,000 company CEOs in the past 25 years and the shift in thinking concerning professional service providers and clients is remarkable.” McEvoy continues with, “Advertising and marketing is now something that isn’t frowned upon by the client.”

McEvoy says that, “Good marketing contains a balance of 12 principles that are pursued relentlessly at the top firms. Marketing is now more than ever about the process rather than the prior relationship. You have to re-earn your client’s business every year and you have to go after new clients with aggressive marketing if you want to stay in the game.”

The complete book called, “12 Secrets of Superstar Professional Service Firms—How to Take Your Firm and Yourself to The Top and Stay There.” Is available for free download at:

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