Vitrazza® Chooses High Performance Invisible Shield® PRO15 Glass Protection

April 16, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Unelko Corporation is pleased to announce that Vitrazza, America's #1 supplier of Glass Office Chair Mats now applies highly performing Invisible Shield® PRO 15 Protection to coat and finish Tufver Glass™.

Tufver Glass is Vitrazza's trademarked combination of tempered glass and the protective nano-scale coating, Invisible Shield PRO 15. Vitrazza's innovative Glass Chair Mats are a compelling alternative to plastic mats because they're so durable and long lasting.

"Unelko's Invisible Shield PRO 15 is a solvent-extended coating designed for the preservation, enhancement and preventive cleaning of glass used in architectural applications such as Glass Chair Mats," the spokesperson noted, adding that it improves the natural characteristics of the glass without changing its physical appearance or transparency.

It also makes the glass easier to maintain, improving the clarity and overall appearance of the product. Ultimately, the spokesperson said, Invisible Shield PRO 15 creates an anti-corrosion and scratch-resistant glass surface that adds longer life to the finished product.

George Pardo, President of Vitrazza said, "Our written Forever Warranty is our promise that the product will last. Our Glass Chair Mats are so strong because they're made from our trademarked Tufver Glass and Invisible Shield Pro 15 is an integral component."

Tufver Glass is distinctly suitable for use in applications that require extreme durability and impact resistance such as a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat, the best office chair mat available on the market today. However, this special glass can be used anywhere strength requirements exceed the capabilities of annealed or even heat-strengthened glass, and for any safety glazing applications. In addition, the unique colors: Chiaro standard clear and Luminoso ultra clear low iron are unaffected by Invisible Shield hydrophobic nano scale treatment.

About Unelko Corporation:
Recognized as the world leader in Advanced Glass Care Technologies, Unelko has focused on the preservation, enhancement and "preventive cleaning" of residential and commercial glass including architectural glass, facades, windows, partitions, walls, skylights, shower doors, tile and other vitreous china, solar, automotive, aeronautical and marine glass applications.

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