Military Avionics Convergence with Civil? New free AFuzion Whitepaper and Webinar (May 9, 2019)

April 24, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Until very recently, Military avionics development was considered vastly different from Civil development. In 2019, however, a Tipping Point has been reached with worldwide Military avionics developers harmonizing with Civil development over a wide range of previously divergent attributes. To help aviation developers capitalize on this convergence, AFuzion is holding a free technical webinar for Military Avionics Development/Certification on May 2; registrants will receive a new free technical paper from AFuzion which further explains military avionics certification strategies and issues. Register here Free May 9, 2019 AFuzion Military Avionics Compliance Webinar.

Military avionics traditionally differed from civil counterparts due to factors including Defense Avionics harsher operating environments, lesser redundancy, cyber-security issues, and safety analysis focusing upon mission success probabilities via military standards. Civilian developers meanwhile used DO-178C, DO-254, and ARP4754A / ARP4761 to optimize safety concerns while proving internal "white-box" design transparency.

However, today's competitive aviation environment means producers increasingly target dual-use avionics for both Military and Civil deployment. At the same time, civil avionics have an improved ability to operate in harsh environments combined with new mandates to meet cyber-security requirements via ED-202A and DO-326A et al. Most surprising to many is the rapidity by which the Military is embracing the Aircraft System Safety ecosystem of ARP4754A and ARP4761/A.

The above evolutionary changes have huge ramifications for avionics producers: developers who fail to leverage these changes will suffer increased competition from those that do. To ensure you're on the Winning side of the rapidly merging Military/Civil development, be sure to register for AFuzion's free technical webinar which explains these trends and remember to read AFuzion's new Military DO-178C and Military DO-254 whitepaper available only to those who register. This webinar will be recorded for persons unable to view in real-time, but only viewable by those who pre-registered. Register here for free:Click to Register for Free.

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