Hyperbaric Oxygen Helps Patients With Stroke and Other Brain Injuries

April 29, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Grand Blanc, MI - A local integrative medical center is now offering hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for stroke patients and other brain injuries. Until now, this therapy has only been available in local hospitals, where it is used for more traditional purposes.

"Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been an incredibly important tool in the rehabilitation of stroke victims, post-concussion syndrome, and Lyme disease," says Dr. Megan Strauchman, medical director of the Natural Wellness & Pain Relief Center. "Access to hyperbaric oxygen therapy locally has been extremely limited until now," she adds. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment in which a patient lies in a pressurized chamber that is filled with up to 100% oxygen. The pressure allows the oxygen to penetrate deeper into the areas of the body where circulation is compromised or lessened. This delivery of oxygen is thought to enhance the healing capabilities of tissue damage due to strokes, concussions, birth trauma, Parkinson's disease, Lyme disease, skin ulcers, or multiple sclerosis. Although there is not a lot of research published for these uses, hyperbaric oxygen therapy use among patients with neurological conditions like autism and cerebral palsy has continued to increase dramatically.

According to the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is recognized and covered by Medicare and other health insurances for 14 approved conditions. However, many other "off-label" uses are also indicated, but not covered by insurance.

According to Dr. Strauchman, there are different types of hyperbaric chambers. A hard chamber, the kind used at the Natural Wellness & Pain Relief Center, is a clear acrylic chamber that can pressure up to 3.0 ATA of pressure, or approximately 66 feet below sea level. Hard chambers have had hundreds of studies published on their use, and have an excellent safety profile. A typical hyperbaric treatment lasts about 60 minutes, and most research studies suggest administering a total of 40 treatments within 90 days. "We are excited to be the first private medical clinic in mid-Michigan to have a hard chamber to serve our local communities. This is a highly sought-after treatment with the potential to improve the lives of thousands," says Strauchman.

For more information on hyperbaric oxygen therapy, visit nwprc.com, or call 810.694.3576.

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