Take the Chance Out of Chance Encounters with New App Yoke – Available for iOS on the App Store

May 04, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
How many times have you discovered that a friend had been close-by and you just missed crossing paths, but only after the fact? Yoke, a new mobile app, ensures you never find out a friend is nearby too late, providing the real time opportunity to meet up face to face, anywhere you are. With so many connections nowadays, this happens all too often, and in most cases, we hope chance can bring us together. Yoke takes the chance out of the equation by alerting you when people in your circle are nearby, and provides a platform that strikes the perfect balance between broadcasting location and maintaining your privacy.

Users begin by setting up their Yoke profile, using either a Facebook account or basic email. They can then add Yoke friends using their Facebook friends list, phone contacts or just search for a name in the Yoke database. Yoke friends are easily organized using customized groups called circles (such as "College friends." "Family." "Co-workers"). Users can control their visibility by adjusting their distance settings, or toggling individuals and circles on and off.

For security, Yoke never reveals a precise location and all privacy settings are upfront and obvious. Nearby friends can message each other through the app, and share their location to navigate easily for a meetup. In order to know someone is nearby, both parties must have visibility settings that overlap. So, with Yoke, there's zero intrusion, and users are never visible to anyone they don't want to see.

Yoke creates an opportunity to connect with the people you know, in the real world" says Co-Founder Noah Rosen, "We all crave personal connection. Yoke organically enables these connections facilitating face-to-face experiences. Yoke works anywhere, whether at home or traveling. In a busy and geographically mobile world, time and space separate us from the people we want or would spend time with, but Yoke pulls people together."

Start socializing more in the real world with Yoke, available for free on the App Store. Yoke was produced by RKR Group Technologies Inc.

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