The 7-Part, 2019, Harvey Kubernik – Travis Edward Pike Audio Interview may now be heard on the Otherworld Cottage Industries website

May 15, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
This 2019, 7-Part Harvey Kubernik Travis Edward Pike audio interview recorded earlier this year, features Harvey and Travis discussing everything from the March 3rd Mousetrap UK 45 rpm vinyl release of the original 1967 Travis Pike's Tea Party recording of "If I Didn't Love You Girl," the title change and on-going transition of his "Morningstone" screenplay to the novel he is now writing titled "Changeling's Return," and the future direction of Otherworld Cottage Industries, including the recent "Changeling Troupe 1975" digital album release.

It also resulted in a surprising introduction to Pike's "Long-Grin" saga, originally intended to be a five-part theatrical series, but now scheduled to be introduced in a multi-volume fantasy adventure collection set during the tumultuous period of violence and unrest following the withdrawal of the Roman garrisons from Britain, c. 383 AD, and the transition to King Arthur's Britain. The entire series is overlaid with the tale of a young monk, dispatched by the Venerable Bede, some 200 hundred years later, to locate and transcribe a rare manuscript alleged to have been written during that dark age (and the source of the Long-Grin saga), to see if it contained information deserving attention in Bede's already published Ecclesiastical History of Britain.

The young monk succeeds in his quest, and reports to Bede's monastery in Jarrow with his transcription, only to learn that Bede is dead, and the interim abbot, a senior monk from Bede's scriptorium, deems the work a blasphemic forgery and burns it. He also imprisons the young monk, awaiting trial for heresy, the penalty for which is death.

As for the dragon, his part in the story remains veiled, but you may learn more about him by visiting his website at

Travis stays busy, but so does Harvey! Sadly, Kubernik's first item in our list is his "Forgotten Hits" tribute to actress and recording artist Peggy Lipton, who died of Cancer on Saturday, May 11th. Harvey met and encountered Peggy upon a handful of occasions from 1964 1982 around Hollywood, California, and this decade interviewed her for his 2012 book "A Perfect Haze: The Illustrated History of the Monterey International Pop Festival," and his 2014 book on photographer Guy Webster, "Big Shots: Rock Legends and Hollywood Icons."

Harvey also has a cover story on Queen in the May/June issue of "Record Collector News" magazine and online at The text examines the successful "Bohemian Rhapsody" biopic and incorporates a 1975 interview Harvey conducted with singer Freddie Mercury that was originally published in the now defunct "Melody Maker" UK periodical.

And currently, Kubernik's profile on singer/songwriter Al Green and his interview with Green's producer, Willie Mitchell is displayed online in "Music Connection" magazine. But the only way to really keep up with Harvey is to visit his webpage on Kubernik's Korner.

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