Reduce Food Waste With New Three Minute Pickle Making Pouches

June 04, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Great Lakes Pickling Company is excited to announce the launch of their new line of three-minute pickle making pouches, a do-it-at-home pickle making pouch that eliminates the time-consuming prep work and cleanup associated with making pickles. The Pickle Pouches take out the guesswork of making pickles with no prep or cleanup. Instead of canning jars, you put your vegetables right into the pre-seasoned pouch. Add ⅓ vinegar, fill with water, shake and refrigerate. That's it! In three days you have bragging rights of your own homemade pickles.

The natural beauty of the Great Lakes inspired the Great Lakes Pickling Company to make fresh, all natural pickles. The company wanted to find a socially-conscious way to help consumers support their local farmers and reduce food waste by making pickling fast and easy. The pickling pouches are vegan, low sodium, and contain no unnecessary preservatives making them well suited for health conscious foodies.

The healthiest Americans are the most wasteful because of their high consumption of fruits and vegetables, according to a US Department of Agriculture study. The pickle pouches enable zero food waste by easily extending the clock on fresh produce. The vinegar-based brine that's produced in making pickles is beneficial for gut and digestive health. One pouch helps preserve two delicious 32oz batches of pickled vegetables. The pickle pouches help improving diet quality while simultaneously reducing environmental impact due to the large amount of water and pesticides required for vegetable production.

The pickling pouches come in craft inspired flavors including: Bloody Mary, Sweet & Smoky Habanero, Texas Tornado, Polish Garlic & Dill, and Spicy Garlic.

Beverly Patterson, one of the owners of the company, said "People love that it takes just 3-minutes to make pickles and all of the fun that goes along with making them. If your kids like making slime they'll love making pickles." The pickle pouches provide a way to better understand where our food originates and the process of making it.

Ketogenic, low-carb, and gluten-free eating styles are creating demand for customizable food that supports personal dietary and taste preferences. The Great Lakes Pickle Pouches simplify the art of pickling making into a customizable experience that makes it easy to meet an individual's personalized dietary needs.

Thanks to the Great Lakes Pickle Pouches, pickling at home has become an Instagramable past time for millennials. For more information visit

The Great Lakes Pickling Company founded in 2016, is considered the craft brewer of the pickle industry with innovative new products and flavors. The company also acts as a private label pickle manufacturer. The company has numerous product lines that include all natural craft pickles, pickle brine, and pickling pouches.

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