AFuzion's Aviation Cyber-Security Training Draws Great Attendance - New Classes in July and September in Italy and San Diego

June 20, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
AFuzion's new Aviation Cyber-Security Training classes drew good crowds in Munich and Madrid. Teacher Aharon David assisted by Carmelo Tommasi provided many students the intricacies of DO-326A training and ED-202A training. New classes are scheduled for: Rome and Italy.

Says AFuzion's Aharon David, creator of the training: "Aviation Cyber Security is the fastest growing technological area within aviation. It effects everyone: airframers, integrators, avionics developers, and maintenance/support personnel. The new standards are required to be implemented by late 2019, which is why AFuzion's Infosec DO-326A Training classes and ED-202 Training classes are so popular. We recently provided cyber-security training in both Madrid and Germany and the overwhelming attendance was proof of our DO-326A and ED-202 expertise.

Adds AFuzion's Carmelo Tommasi "I provided private cyber-security introductory training to many personnel from numerous companies in both Munich and Rome, and the depth of questions confirmed its complexities and Aharon's training materials were superb. Our aviation cyber security DO326A and ED202A training we believe is the world's best and the first which is so widely applied. For more information on our aviation cyber-security training, read details at our AFuzion site here: AFuzion Aviation Cyber Security DO-326A / ED-202A Training Info

For a free detailed technical whitepaper on Aviation Cyber Security ED-202A / DO-326A, just download free from AFuzion at the following link: Aviation Cyber-Security Free Technical Whitepaper

For registration details on San Diego Digital Avionics Systems Conference aviation cyber-security training, see the following DASC site registration:, DASC San Diego Details for Aviation Cyber Security DO-326A Training.

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