World's First "Uber for Hotspots" Launches – HotSpotMe Available Exclusively on Google Play

June 22, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
HotSpotMe it's the "Uber for Hotspots," a revolutionary new way to provide both convenience and additional income by participating in the sharing economy. Using this simple, safe and secure app, anyone can turn their personal WiFi router or mobile device into a password-protected hotspot to earn money every time a HotSpotMe user connects.

HotSpotMe is the world's first on-demand Hotspot-sharing application! And for users, it makes secure WiFi conveniently available in countries across the globe, paying only for the time they are connected. HotSpotMe for Android is free to download on Google Play. The company was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts by Harvard graduate Robert J. Sabharwal.

HotSpotMe is incredibly simple to use. Hosts simply register their router or hotspot to earn dollars every time someone connects to their WiFi via the HotSpotMe App. It's a completely secure environment, and users are unable to see the host's password or any other identifying information. The list of available hotspots in range are displayed on the app and with one click, the user's device connects for browsing, streaming or using their favorite apps. There is also a Hotspot map that shows you all the available networks in your area. Payments are securely processed by Stripe, which is used by over 100,000 small companies and major corporations including Facebook, Target, Lyft, and Shopify. That's all there is! Visit to register your Hotspot for free!

HotSpotMe provides 24/7 customer support to help with potential connection issues. "This is a fantastic way for anyone with a router or mobile device to earn passive income," said HotSpotMe founder Robert J. Sabharwal. "Just like Uber is providing income for people driving during their off-time, Airbnb hosts making money by renting a spare bedroom, or GetAround providers earning dollars by sharing an extra car, HotSpotMe has the potential to generate income for millions of people, just by sharing their WiFi. Imagine living within WiFi range of a café or restaurant and how many hundreds of people might log on each week!"

For more information and to download HotSpotMe for free, Android device users should visit Google Play, and hosts should visit to register their router today!

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