Intrafocus announces the release of QuickScore™ V3.3

July 04, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Version 3.3 of QuickScore™ is now available. This version has significant new functionality and is a flagship KPI (Key Performance Indicator) management system. The software enables companies or organisations to manage their strategy, business objectives, measures and initiatives in a single dedicated package.

If you have ever tried to manage your strategy using spreadsheets or scorecards you will know that keeping everything syncronised across an organisation is a logistic nightmare. With QuickScore, which is hosted in the cloud, everything is closely tied together and nothing gets lost.

The key elements introduced in V3.3 are:

Enhanced Dashboards - Multiple new dashboard user enhancements including:
  • Snap to grid
  • More colour options
  • Dynamic values for text (only dates at the moment)
  • Resize bubbles to dots

  • Alerts - The application has always had alerts, but now they can be set within every measure making it much easier to create and track performance.

    Spreadsheet Upload - spreadsheets can now be uploaded from the home screen. If you need to manipulate your data prior to adding it to QuickScore, then this function allows an easy import route.

    File Section - Any type of file can now be stored and referred to within QuickScore.

    Scheduled Exports - If you have reports and briefings that need to be exported on a regular basis, you can now set a schedule

    Version 3.3 of QuickScore really does provide everything required to manage strategy and business performance effectively. For more information, visit QuickScore on the Intrafocus website and take out a free 30-day trial.

    About Intrafocus
    Intrafocus is a business performance management consultancy and software reseller. The software, provided by Spider Strategies®, is a KPI and scorecard management system linking KPIs to goals, strategic objectives, and initiatives or projects. Intrafocus runs balanced scorecard and strategy workshops to help organisations build, implement and manage strategy. The software is used by companies, large and small, across the world. The software can be easily integrated into any strategic planning process or added later as a management tool.

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