Manhattan Home Design's New Sale Features Their Award-Winning Eames Lounge Replica

July 05, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
MANHATTAN, NY - For anyone looking to purchase the iconic lounge chair popularized by Ray and Charles Eames in the 1960s, Manhattan Home Design offers a suitable alternative that rivals the original in both comfort and style. Their Classic Lounge chair is an award-winning reproduction of the original Eames Lounge chair replica, and it is currently also part of the new sitewide Summer Sale.

The sitewide Summer Sale from Manhattan Home Design has been extended until July, with many pointing to an August renovation following the wide success of this strategy amongst the modern furniture world. The Eames Lounge chair replica still remains a people's favorite, especially on the Houzz portal: last year it was voted #1 among the wide variety of Eames Lounge chairs available on the site; no small feat for a medium-sized company in Manhattan.

Enthusiast of mid-century modernism (in the state of New York) should consider visiting their showroom, deep in the heart of the Garment District. Aside from a wide collection of Tulip Tables, a sizeable reproduction of the iconic Noguchi table, and Eero Saarinen's Womb chair, they will be able to take a good look at the classic Eames Lounge chair replica (and perhaps take a seat to try it).

What makes this Eames Lounge chair replica different from others in the current market?

Manhattan Home Design has been crafting this ELC since 2005, the year of its foundation. The primary composition of the chair stays true to the original lounge chair envisioned by the Eames couple. Leather upholstery with interchangeable cushions, good quality shock mounts on the armrests, and dark walnut wood finish. Where other competitors have modified these primary aspects of the chair (to make it more palatable for newer audiences), the company has decided to stay as true to the original design as possible.

Mid-century modern fans will appreciate this, as Ray and Charles Eames performed a thorough study of comfort and style in order to make the Eames Lounge chair an irreplaceable object. Original reproductions from more upscale manufacturers have left the chair virtually untouched (the only difference being manufacturing advances from the 21st century). Manhattan Home Design looks to offer an Eames Lounge chair replica that decidedly competes with the current iteration of the Eames Lounge chair, but at a much more accessible price.

The positioning of the buttons, reclining angle, aluminum base, and shell shape follow the original design, and thus provide the consumer with a piece that can also regain value in the future, even if it is considered a replica of the original. As stated before, other competitors choose to change the style of the chair while still marketing it as a good replica of the ELC: in many cases, consumers will find replicas with lean cushions, electrical additions, different cushions shapes, and materials of dubious quality. These changes might interest a certain part of the buying public, but the truth is that these chairs cannot be considered Eames reproductions.

How can I take advantage of the company's Summer Sale?
Interested parties will only have to visit the showroom, which will be open through the week but closed during Independence Day. For customers outside on New York, or the Manhattan area itself, the solution is to head to their official website or the Houzz portal. The first choice might provide consumers with a more hands-on approach to the company, enjoying their accessible customer service via chat, and being able to place an order in a much more efficient manner. Their Eames Lounge chair replica, as their best-selling item through the year (once again) is bound to be constantly restocked, especially the classic black-leather variant.

The Houzz portal offers a good second choice to enjoy the company's furniture manufacturing services, but customers will have to conduct their business through the platform if they want to buy the Eames Lounge chair replica directly. This option might cause some shipping delay, so it will always be better to give them a call first.

Manhattan Home Design is a medium-sized business owned by a diverse group of entrepreneurs and managers that focuses on mid-century modern replicas and a wide array of indoor and outdoor furniture in the modern and contemporary style. Currently based in Manhattan, their showroom is open on regular business hours, and it's located at 325 W 38th St Suite 1501. The company is a part of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Initiative, and has received features in many American news outlets.

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