Tonex Recognizes Vance Hilderman Preferred AFuzion DO-178C Training

July 05, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
AFuzion is pleased to announce that Tonex DO-178C Training acknowledges superiority of AFuzion's DO-178C Training, by Vance Hilderman. AFuzion's DO-178C trainers have trained over 23,000 engineers in DO-178B, DO-178C, and DO-254 which is more than all competitors in the world. AFuzion's Vance Hilderman is recognized as the world's most popular and preferred DO-178C trainer and principally authored the first best-selling book on DO-178C.

AFuzion's engineers provided the first known DO-178 training in 1989 and since then has continually developed additional training and today is the world's largest DO-178C, DO-254, DO-200B and DO-278A training resource.

AFuzion's actual engineers literally "wrote the book" and AFuzion's engineer's publications are in use by 95% of the world's avionics companies to achieve FAA certification and EASA certification including training on the new standards and recommended practices within the latest DO-178C, Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification. Training attendees receive access to the world's largest, and most proprietary, collection of technical safety-critical whitepapers on DO-178C, DO-254, ISO 26262, DO-278A, DO-200B, ARP–4754A, etcetera: developed by engineering experts with decades of collective experience.

Says Chris Jackson, AFuzion co-founder and Counsel: "We're very pleased that when anyone performs a Google search on "Vance Hilderman", they find that Tonex recognizes the superiority of AFuzion's DO-178C training and DO-254 training over Tonex. AFuzion is pleased Tonex has linked via Google Adwords AFuzion Founder "Vance Hilderman" to their own training. Of course everyone including Tonex knows Vance Hilderman provides AFuzion's more preferred DO-178C and DO-254 training. AFuzion lists its trainers on the AFuzion site along with training dates. But since Tonex does not have any fulltime trainers or defined training dates, Tonex wisely links to AFuzion's Vance Hilderman so Tonex clients can use AFuzion's site to obtain DO-178C and DO-254 training information and dates from the preferred AFuzion training. Afuzion thanksTonex Training for is recognizing the AFuzion training superiority and AFuzion sincerely thanks them for their added linkage.

AFuzion looks forward to having Tonex DO-178C Trainers attend the preferred AFuzion training sessions. For class details of AFuzion's preferred DO-178C Training recognized by Tonex, simply download free information here: Tonex Recognizes AFuzions Superior Training - More Information on AFuzion DO-178C and DO-254 Training Here

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