Bazar the New App for Ethical Shopping Discussed by Finley Cope

July 06, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Ethics and shopping well let's face it; they haven't always been the happiest of partners. A new wave of ethical shopping apps is changing this landscape though, for the better. Entire ranges of ethical shopping products are available and it's only marketing and consumer awareness, which is separating these products from eager consumer conscious buyers.

One such ethical shopping app which is new to the marketplace in 2019, is Bazar, which will be an inspiring and safe place for ethical consumers to meet ethical sellers in a friendly but also professional community atmosphere.

Founder of Bazar, Finley Cope discussed the rise of ethical consumerism with us and also the upcoming launch of the new Bazar ethical consumer app.

We asked Finley to explain what is meant by ethical shopping. Finley replied, "Ethical shopping involves changing shopping practices and habits to benefit the environment, animal welfare, employee welfare, health and in many other areas. In the past, many buyers have shopped "innocently oblivious" to the impacts their decisions are making. Particularly in the last decade, consumers have become increasingly aware of their habits and have begun to move to ethical shopping. There is still much work to be done, but here at Bazar we believe we are at the start of a paradigm change in society to buying ethical goods and services."

Having obtained this explanation, we went on to ask why Bazar is so well placed to deliver ethical shopping? Finley explained, "We believe Bazar meets the needs of both ethical sellers and buyers, by bringing them together in a seamlessly integrated community. We chose an App (rather than a website), as research shows this is what the majority of ethical consumers wanted. They need rapid access to products and services "on the move" through their mobile device, so advanced User-Interface and functionalities within the app was critical to buyers. In concluding it's well-worth mentioning that the word "ethical" involves numerous sub-categories, including an array of products that are good for the environment such as eco-friendly or Biodegradable products, as well as an extensive range of upcycled and pre-loved items that are sold on, rather than thrown away."

Being one of the very first, intuitive ethical shopping apps - Bazar is the best place to go to find, buy and sell a wide range of ethical consumer and upcycled products. Looking at additional ethical categories of Bazar, consumers will also be able to choose from the following product ranges - Biodegradable, cruelty free, fair trade, fair wear, natural label, organic, palm oil free, pesticide free and vegan. There are in excess of 30 product and service categories, which will all belong to one or more ethics categories. Some of the popular categories are fashion, food and beverages, groceries, handmade goods, hobbies and collectables, home entertainment and music as well as upcycled goods in electronics.

Bazar has an array of functionality, which is best viewed at We can, however, provide a high-level overview of functionality here. Choose Bazar for your ethical shopping and enjoy functionality such as: accreditations (through badges and eco-labels), advanced filtering and search, app support, automated notifications, detailed product information, discussion forums, product browsing feeds, instant chat, no advertisements or popups, pay by PayPal or Stripe, pro-seller dashboard, questions and answers, seller profile information, slick order processing, sophisticated security and unique storefronts.

The rich functionality is provided within an enticing and appealing graphical user interface design. Significant effort has been provided by Bazar to ensure the app works well for both buyers and sellers alike. An overview of Bazar functionality, as well as ethics and product categories can be viewed in a recently published infographic "Introducing Bazar- The Ethical Marketplace":

About the Bazar ethical marketplace
Bazar is a brand-new app to the ethical shopping marketplace in 2019. The site was founded by Finley and Alix Cope. They themselves are consumer conscious shoppers and saw the need for an ethical shopping app, which offered an enjoyable shopping experience and was community-based.

Currently, in pre-release, Bazar are welcoming pre-registrations to sellers who can join by clicking Visit the website to find detailed information about the app, which is much more comprehensive than we can provide here.

The Bazar app launches by August 2019 at which point sellers and buyers will be able to download the app directly from the Apple Appstore and also through Google Play. Pre-registration for sellers is very straightforward and can be completed in a matter of minutes. Pre-registering will allow sellers access to the Pro-Seller option, which will give these sellers access to special features, particularly the Seller Dashboard.

Bazar marketplace contact details
Company website:
Registered Office: Well Cottage, Upperton, Petworth, West Sussex, United Kingdom, GU28 9BQ
Contact: Finley Cope, Founder
Organisation: Bazar - Ethical Marketplace

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