The Frauxmagerie on Georgian Bay, dairy-free cheese producers, expand with a new production facility

July 19, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Located in Meaford, Ontario nestled into the Georgian Bay along Sykes Street is the brand new location of The Frauxmagerie Ltd. Early July had been dedicated to The Frauxmagerie's new move. In just 20 months of being in operation, The Frauxmagerie has gone from the production of 2 dairy free products to 8. The demand for more dairy free options from consumers is growing fast and The Frauxmagerie needed to move in order to accommodate the increased demand. The Frauxmagerie has combined traditional cheese-making techniques along with plant based innovation to create their 100% dairy free cheese, or as The Frauxmagerie calls it 'frauxmage'.

The Frauxmagerie's new location is double the size of their previous manufacturing facility. The move was a necessity, in order to fulfil the growing demand and accommodate all the incoming orders for dairy free frauxmage.

"In my opinion, the food industry is in transition. A serious transition that has not been seen in decades in the food industry. We are in, what we call a plant based revolution, meaning the demand for dairy free alternatives continue to pour into our contact forms" states Marie-Catherine Marsot, founder and CEO of The Frauxmagerie.

The Frauxmagerie's mission is simple: to craft the most authentic 100% dairy free, plant based frauxmages in the world. The products currently offered are broken into two categories: Botanic Aged Line, and Botanic Fresh Line. These products are known for being handcrafted, and made with minimal and natural ingredients. They are VegeCert certified vegan, along with certified Gluten-Free by the Canadian Celiac Association. The Botanic Aged Line includes: Botanic Camembert, Botanic True Blue, Botanic Boka, and Botanic Swizz. The Botanic Fresh line includes: Plant Parm, Greek Frauxmage, Mauxarella, and Frauxmage Curds.

The Frauxmagerie prides itself on using minimal, natural ingredients with zero preservatives. The Frauxmagerie offers several oil-free products as well. Depending on the product, the ingredient list varies but products range from containing 4-9 ingredients. The majority of the demand comes from the fact that the products are healthy and contains only basic, natural, and as few ingredients as possible. This means without the long list of unrecognizable ingredients, something that is lacking in the alternative cheese market.

The Frauxmagerie's production facility is not the only new addition; you can also find their new equipment they have acquired in order to keep up with the increasing demand.

"The Frauxmagerie went from starting out with a 3 quart blender, to a 7 quart blender when I got hired, and have now upgraded to a 30 quart blender. The new blender speeds up our mixing process by 400% due to its larger capacity and the stronger motor" Chef Michael Alexander-Rybak, the director of production, excitedly states.

The Frauxmagerie started selling their products in a few local stores and have quickly grown to retail in 200+ stores with the help of Horizon Nature, a Quebec Distributor. We are looking to work with a few more distributors across Canada and the USA. Gordon Food Services has recently added The Frauxmagerie's Botanic Fresh line to their list of products available to institutions and restaurants. Consumers can expect to see a selection of dairy free frauxmage in retailers near them. In fact, The Frauxmagerie offers a 'Retail Locator' available on their website to find frauxmage fast and nearest to you. Our goal for the future is to continue expanding and providing quality, authentic dairy free and Gluten-Free options around the world.


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