New Martial Arts Program Trains Kids in Street Smarts

February 18, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
New Martial Arts Program Trains Kids in Street Smarts

In 2000, FBI crime statistics reported that in America 750,000 children are reported missing every year of which 50,000 are never heard from again.

As a parent or teacher would you know what to do if one of your children went missing? And did you do enough to teach your children what to do to protect themselves from child predators?

The unique new approach of the Little Warriors Belt Program provides parents and teachers with the most effective and comprehensive street safety and stranger abduction prevention curriculum for children ages five through nine available anywhere.

This program includes The Little Warrior Teacherís Manual, a richly illustrated book that provides easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to conduct this exciting program in your home or school.
The Teachers Manual includes not only information on conducting each class such as, sample teaching plans, warm-up games, physical exercises, role-playing games, First Aid drills, and self-defense moves, but also information on how to create a child identity kit, Top Ten lists of safety tips, and what to do if a child goes missing.

Also included are three Little Warrior Workbooks. These full color illustrated books contain all the Street-Proofing, Self-Defense, What To Do in an Emergency, Character Development, Health & Fitness, and Karate lessons taught in the program. Each book also contains: an Easy-to-Learn Kata, a Written Test Sheet, a Pull-Out 11"X16" color Karate Poster, and a cut out color Official Graduation Certificate.

Each book starts at only $15.00

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About the Author
Creator Stefan Verstappen is a writer and martial arts teacher with over 25 years experience. He developed the Little Warrior program over a ten-year period of teaching young children safety and self-defense. One of a handful of westerners to live and study in China, Verstappenís adventures have been featured on TV, radio, and newspaper and magazine articles. Stefanís previous books include: The Thirty-Six Strategies of Ancient China, and Blind Zen A case study in sensory enhancement training for the blind. He has written numerous articles for various publications and is a regular contributor to Black Belt, and Inside Kung Fu magazines.