Trendsetting Gear from the PimpIT Empire

February 20, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
It has been harder and harder to find lifestyle clothing lines with a unique identity. As a result there is an abundance of apparel lines with a cloned feel about them. However there still stands one company that continues to put out the freshest niche brands on the globe. Pimpit Empire is the leader of the pack with its explosive and provocative menu of new boundary pushed garments.
With the latest edition of high-end apparel known as ENVE. This line sheds light on the current boredom within the major apparel lines and adds a flare of creative space. This brand is power-packed with explosives and will be ignited this spring. Another direct result of wise diversity is found the CODE OF SILENCE brand that has endured a cult-like following from its inception four years ago.
COS has been directed and influenced by a diverse mix from both the law enforcers and the military to the law breakers. No where else will a customer find such a niche brand that blends weapon styles and street culture with progressive aesthetics, timeless quality, and the latest in design innovation. Through the vast networks established by the Pimpit Empire you will see ENVE and CODE OF SILENCE become global brands in a short period of time. And through channels of distribution that the PIMPIT.COM site has provided, you will see these leading-edge high quality products worn by a wide array of satisfied customers the world over.