Personal Trainer and Co-Owner of Kentucky's First F45 Fitness Studios, Melissa Goodlett Shares Her Passion For Helping Others Stay Active

August 23, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Melissa Goodlett, trainer and co-owner of Louisville's newest F45 Training Studios, helps clients to change their life for the better by encouraging them to make their health and well being a priority. Having dedicated her life to helping others on their journey to peak physical health, Goodlett has found that the key to one's success lies in finding a group of like-minded people who share your goal of being happier and healthier through fitness.

For Goodlett, it's the tribe mentality at F45 that that makes all the difference in helping people reach their health and fitness goals. "Sweating it out together in a group environment, celebrating each others successes and giving those high fives and fist bumps all contribute to a better version of you!"

Goodlett was recently featured in the Best Body Issue of Today's Woman Magazine where she shared what motivates her to stay active. "One of my greatest motivations for being physically active has been my grandparents. They lived well into their 90's and even into their 100's. Knowing I have the potential for that kind of longevity motivates me to do everything I can to enjoy having a full and active life."

On any given day, you can find Goodlett leading one of the group classes available at Louisville's three F45 Training studios in Crestwood, St. Matthews and Middletown, Kentucky. Goodlett helped to bring F45, Louisville's latest fitness craze, to fruition; opening all three studios within months of each other with the help of her business partners Dr. Stacie Grossfeld and certified fitness trainer Kim Postema.

Goodlett was honored in Today's Woman among many of her peers in the fitness industry including fellow F45 trainer Jen Mannarelli. Like Goodlett, Mannarelli believes in the power of F45's fitness community. "I am so much more motivated to work hard when I'm surrounded by others. I have a tendency to slack off or just get bored when I work out alone and at F45, my clients are counting on me to push them on their bad days, celebrate with them on their good days, encourage them when they don't think they have anything left, and hold them accountable when they want to give up or quit."

F45's functional boot-camp style approach to training originated out of Australia and offers a unique environment for those who struggle in the more typical box gym style setting. The studio's succession-style exercise routine combines functional training, circuit training and high- intensity interval training (HIIT) for the most beneficial and results orientated workout. By combining strength and cardio, the body is able to burn calories even after the workout is over, build lean muscle mass, and burn more fat in less time.

According to Goodlett, finding time to workout at least 3-4 days a week can have a lasting and positive effect on all aspects of your life, not just the physical. "I think the greatest benefit of exercise is how it improves my mood and reduces stress." For those who think they're too busy to meet that quota, Goodlett is quick to point out that a 45 minute workout is only 4% of your day. When it comes to nutrition, Goodlett tries not to eat after 7pm because there is "no reason to fuel my body when I need it to wind down and rest." She also recommends not keeping any junk food in the house, especially anything that has sugar as one of the first three or four ingredients.

In addition to her vast knowledge of health and wellness, Goodlett brings an inspiring sense of body positivity to her work as a personal trainer at F45. "No body is perfect. We need to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, and surround ourselves with people in our lives who will build us up and remind us how special we are." She encourages those who are just starting out or are struggling to maintain an active lifestyle while juggling everything else to, "make a list of all the things your body does for you - dancing, running, smelling, singing, breathing - and in return take care of it so it can keep doing those things."

Louisville's three F45 studios offer a team of highly trained certified personal fitness instructors to help motivate and support participants. Trainers lead each session ensuring all members utilize the proper technique and form. Classes only last 45 minutes, and with thousands of variations, members don't have to do the same workout twice.

For those interested in joining the F45 community, and taking a step towards living a healthier lifestyle, visit F45 online to schedule classes or claim your 1 week free trial today.

About Melissa Goodlett
Melissa Goodlett is a trainer and co-owner of F45's three studios in Middletown, Crestwood and St. Matthews, Kentucky. Having began her career as a teacher, Goodlett decided to make a career change after spending 12 years managing a team of sales reps for Depuy Spine. Her lifelong love of health and fitness ultimately led her to pursue a certification in personal training through the National Association for Fitness Certification. She got her start as a coach and head trainer at Orangetheory Fitness, but has now been in the fitness industry for almost 5 years and has two more certifications under her belt in group fitness and nutrition.

About F45
F45 is an international fitness chain dedicated to providing rapid results in a structured and encouraging environment. Founded in 2011 in Sydney Australia, Kentucky's first three franchise studios are located in Middletown, Crestwood and St. Matthews, Kentucky. All three are female owned and operated by Melissa Goodlett, Kim Postema and Dr. Stacie Grossfeld.

To learn more about the Louisville, Kentucky based F45 fitness studios, each location has its own website and Facebook page.

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