Fitness Researcher Invents Exerciser for Mom - now going global

August 27, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
LAKE HAVASU CITY, Arizona - August 27, 2019 - Simply Shuffle™ announced today the launch of a new, mother approved, earth friendly, no impact fitness machine proven by science to be highly efficient, effective, & quite fun to use.

The Simply Shuffle™ no impact exerciser & was developed by 53-year-old Health & Fitness Researcher Ed Gaut. "In my nearly 30 years of research & fitness training I have seen what works best & what really doesn't. For the most efficient fat loss & body shaping – our research proves it takes less time to get results when targeting the largest fat burning muscles with consistent manageable resistance while being in an aerobic state."

Simply Shuffle™ took nearly 8 years to develop with inventor self-inflicted challenges of designing an effective exerciser his 76-year-old mother, who suffers from knee & back pain, could use easily, sitting or standing, while generating less impact on her knees and back than walking on a treadmill.

The now 'mom approved' Simply Shuffle™, nonelectric, no impact exerciser allows a user to Simply Shuffle™ their way to weight loss without ever lifting their feet.

Exercise Science Research Director at the OC Testing Center in Santa Ana, California & an Assoc. Professor of Kinesiology at U.S.C., Dr Bob Girandola documented high effectiveness ratings for both beginners & athletes in two separate multiple subject research studies.

Study 1: ElectroMyoGraphy (EMG), or muscle activity testing using muscular electrodes, proved the Simply Shuffle™ can activate more leg, inner thigh, & buttock muscle than poor form squats or lunges & also activates the abdominal wall as if doing on the floor crunches all while in an aerobic state. In fact, there was Statistically Significant results in favor of Simply Shuffle™ over squats & lunges.

Study 2: A user group study of nearly 30 non-paid volunteers lost an average of 9.5 lbs. during the first 6 Simply Shuffle™ workouts over 2 weeks of use. The same multi-user study reported high body-fat & weight loss throughout the study, documenting a loss of 37 lbs. at the end of the study term.

Simply Shuffle™ made its Television debut last month on a major Shopping Network (see demonstration on where it quickly climbed to the honor of being a Customer Pick & will be featured on live Television again in September and through the holidays.

Simply Shuffle™ is the first in a series of soon to be available scientifically tested, mother approved, non-electronic, user friendly inventions developed by Fitness Researcher Ed Gaut. "I am passionate about providing affordable, durable & highly effective exercise alternatives for all because my mom and everyone else do not have the time to waste on the many inefficient gimmicks on the market today. Simply Shuffle™."

The Simply Shuffle™ no impact exerciser uses no electricity, is lightweight, portable, can be stacked in gyms & was designed with certification to comfortably handle up to 300 pounds.

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